Fertility Tips for the Holiday Season: Acupuncture, Massage, and Self-Care

fertility massageAs we continue to look at Fertility Tips for the Holiday Season, this week we will focus on Acupuncture, Massage, and Self-Care.  Soothing care for the body, will in turn quiet and soothe both the mind and heart.  Similar to our discussion last week on Yoga and Peaceful Movement, practicing self-care for the body is a habit that will not only work to improve your fertility by increasing relaxation and blood flow, but will also give you the peace to confront the emotional challenges of infertility.  During the holidays, taking a break for yourself to enjoy a session with us, or practice self-care at home, will allow you to return to your friends and family with peace and greater energy to enjoy them.
As a firm believer in the benefits of relaxing touch, Dr. Kiltz has included acupuncture and massage in his Fertile Secret protocol to improve fertility and overall health.  While trying to conceive, both of these practices are encouraged, and our practitioners will be happy to create a treatment plan that works for you.
During the holiday season, you can practice daily massage self-care if you have been trained by one of our practitioners during a Fertility Massage session.  You also have many ways to practice peaceful self-care on your own.  During the cold winter months, paying extra attention to your temperature level is an easy way to return some peace and conserve energy.  Take the time to make sure that you are always dressed warmly, and likewise, not overheating.  If you are finding yourself becoming overwhelmed during the fast-paced holidays, give yourself a break and enjoy a nice warm shower or bath.  Dress in your most comfortable and soothing fabrics, and embrace your loved ones.  Recognizing that peaceful and soothing touch can calm and quiet the mind, make an effort to use the resources around you, and give yourself the opportunity to greater enjoy this holiday season.
If you are interested in scheduling an appointment with our CNY Healing Arts practitioners, please feel free to contact us.
We also welcome you to revisit our Holiday Support Guide for many tools for coping with the holidays while facing infertility.
Finally, did you know that we started  new Private Facebook Fertility and Pregnancy Groups for current clients?  Here, you can find a safe and secure space to share with other women and men facing similar challenges.  You can get immediate support and feedback!  If you are interested in joining, please message Lisa Stack within the Patient Portal
If you are interested in a more private one-on-one support situation, Lisa Stack is our CNY Fertility Center Support Coordiator, she offers her services as a lay support person and can be contacted by email at lstack@cnyfertility.com if you are not yet a client or via the Patient Portal if you are a current client.
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