Fertility Preservation: Some Women Choose to Delay Pregnancy and Sometimes Life Chooses for Them

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Our society puts a priority on reproduction. That makes sense since it is hardwired into our brain. Unfortunately, that value often results in the assumption that women that choose to wait and begin their family later in life are somehow selfish or narcissistic for “wanting to have it all.” I am pleased to share that a recent report made great strides in dispelling this myth.

A British psychologist recently performed a thorough review [r1] of women’s motivations and situations resulting in “delayed motherhood.” In fact, she even took exception with the term “delayed” because it so strongly suggests that it is a choice that women are consciously making to wait until their late thirties or early forties to become pregnant. Instead, she found that it more often women are responding to their situation. Her research revealed that many women today are having babies later as a result of strategic decision making, extensive negotiations or response to their life’s circumstances. Better still women today have more options to preserve their fertility.

Techniques [r2] are available today to more efficiently freeze and store unfertilized eggs or viable embryos. Embryo freezing has been available for several decades but the efficiency of the process is much greater today. Egg freezing now makes it possible for women to preserve their unfertilized eggs when they are more plentiful and at their healthiest but actually delay fertilization and pregnancy until the time is right. Recently, the technique for freezing unfertilized eggs has been refined so much and the availability of the procedure [r3] has become so readily available that it is no longer considered experimental. So as more women speak out [r4] about their own choices and empower others to do so, it is rewarding to be able to meet their needs with more treatment options.

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