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Fertility Preservation: Egg Freezing and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fertility Preservation and Breast Cancer Awareness - Egg Freezing at CNY FertilityAbout 1 in 8 women (roughly 12% in 2014) in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer in their lifetime. October is breast cancer awareness month and we, at CNY Fertility Center, would also like to help raise awareness for egg freezing.

“The ability for women to freeze their eggs allows for time to pursue life goals without worry of the fertility timeline. We have the technology available to offer women the peace of mind and empowerment that goes along with choosing when to start building your family.” –Dr. Robert Kiltz, owner and director of CNY Fertility Centers with numerous locations through the United States and Canada

If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer at an early age, then one of your first concerns may be your fertility. Although you may not be sure you want to have children in the future, Cancer, and its treatments, can sometimes narrow your family building options. 

Fertility preservation should be carefully discussed with your doctor before you begin treatment for cancer. At CNY Fertility Center we understand the emotional impact of being diagnosed with cancer, as well as the added concerns about your future family building efforts. We are here to assist you and will see clients diagnosed with cancer on very short notice. Call us today at 800-539-9870 or fill out our consultation request form here.

Recent news regarding Facebook and Apple announcing that they will cover egg freezing costs for their female employees may start a progressive trend among major employers. Although this could pave the way for many businesses in the future, your current employer may not offer to cover egg freezing. However, in there are a number of states including NY that have laws mandating Egg Freezing Coverage for medical reasons.  Whether your insurance covers fertility preservation costs or not, our friendly financial team members will help you find a way to cover the costs.

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