Fertility and Self-Talk

When facing issues with fertility, it is natural to feel discouraged from time to time.  Confronting our feelings is healthy and constructive.  The important thing is how these feelings are processed after our initial reactions and the “self-talk” that occurs within ourselves.
It’s common when we are feeling challenged by something in our lives to take things personally.  The key is to change the way we speak to ourselves.  For example, replacing statements such as “I’m never going to get pregnant” or “I’m infertile” to “I am fertile” or “I am taking the steps to create a healthy pregnancy”.  When you do this, you are constructing a positive internal environment which further helps the fertility process, and banishes those self-limiting beliefs.
Positive self-talk has been proven to have stress management benefits, productivity benefits, as well as health benefits.  When negative self-talk takes place over time, chronic stress can kick in.  Biologically, chronic stress disrupts the functioning of reproductive hormones, and raises cortisol levels which negatively impact the chances of conception.  Stress can also interfere with the success of fertility treatments such as IVF.
When you catch yourself saying something negative to yourself, whether it’s regarding fertility issues or anything else in life, it’s important just to say “STOP!” either out loud or to just to yourself.  Turn it around and replace that thought with a positive one!  It may seem awkward at first, but over time you will become accustomed to making this small, yet important change which has a huge impact on your emotional and physical self – because it’s all connected.
Know that you’re not alone in the process.  Whenever you feel like you need extra help, CNY Fertility Center is always there.  CNY Fertility offers many support groups, webinars, and workshops each month to help you on your journey to success!

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