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Fertility Diet

Food is the foundation of our fertility.  We believe it to be the single greatest factor we have total control over that can radically change the odds of conception and pregnancy, both naturally and using assisted reproductive technologies.

The Basics

Fertility Diet

Often times, people want to know “what can I do to improve my fertility,” “what should I eat if I’m trying to get pregnant,” or “what the best diet for infertility?”

At CNY Fertility, we recommend all of our clients follow a High Fat, low to moderate protein, and no to low carb diet. Yes, that means restricting your fruits, fibers, and vegetables as every food from plants (except oils & we will get to that later) are ultimately made of sugar.  If you remember back to your high school or college intro biology course, you may recall that plants are made up of starches and fiber, both of which are 100% sugar molecules (only arranged and attached in different ways and long chains). When starches are digested they turn into 100% pure glucose – AKA SUGAR. When fiber is digested, or partially so, it feeds the bacteria in our gut creating heat, gas, and inflammation that damages our reproductive organs and ultimately leads to damaged sperm and eggs.

Of course, you do not have to follow this food plan to be treated at CNY, but it is the number one thing we recommend to our clients do who are trying to conceive or suffering from repeat miscarriage.

A Few Variations

Fertility Approved Diets

There are a few different ways to eat a high fat, low/moderate protein, no/low carb diet and we will cover all the basics to get you started.

  • B.E.B.B.I.

    B.E.B.B.I. (pronounced baby) stands for Bacon, Eggs, Butter, Beef, Ice Cream and is the foundation for any of the following diets. Yes, you can expand this a little, but narrow is best. Fatty meats (like rib eye, pork belly, skin-on chicken (wings are by far the best), skin-on duck, bacon, fatty fish like salmon), liver, eggs, butter, and heavy cream. Keep your meals narrow and simple. You may have also heard Dr. Kiltz refer to this as the Lion King/Queen Plan or Ferarri Fuel, but it’s all the same thing.

  • Standard Ketogenic

    The standard ketogenic diet is slightly more lenient than Dr. Kiltz’s B.E.B.B. but is still very helpful for your infertility treatment. On the standard ketogenic diet, you can eat some vegetables and you are generally allowed up 20-30g of carbohydrates per day.  Our favorite resource for the Standard Ketogenic diet is Maria Emmerich.  She is an incredible source of knowledge and also offers one on one support.  We recommend you start on her websites and her membership site, or pick up one of her books.   For a quick start, you can check out her shopping list.

There are many vegan and vegetarian options available while doing a standard ketogenic diet. A paleo diet is also a suitable option for those who are unable to maintain compliance on a more strict ketogenic diet.

Understanding Fertile Food

Why High Fat for Fertility?

  • Improved Hormone Functioning

    Many critical fertility hormones are made from cholesterol, but because cholesterol is also imperative for brain function and repair (aka survival). It’s almost impossible to maintain a healthy hormone balance if you’re not eating enough. Chronic low-level hyperglycemia also causes a number of metabolic changes that can have a major impact on the endocrine system.

  • Reduced Inflammation

    Inflammation is the number one root cause of infertility. Eating a standard American diet (high carb low fat) causes chronically elevated blood sugar levels and an excessive antigen pool which leads to advanced glycation and other damaging bodily responses that cause inflammation and cellular damage reducing nourishing blood flow throughout the body (notably the ovaries, testes, and uterus) leading to further cellular and fertility misfunctioning.



  • Kiltz's Keto Ice Cream

    Probably the most important “resource,” on your fertile food journey and probably the most delicious ice cream you’ve ever had. This guilt-free ice cream can be enjoyed as a nice treat or actually as an entire meal.

    What you’ll need:

    • 1 Pint of High-Quality Heavy Cream (preferably grass-fed)
    • 1-2 TBSP of cane sugar
    • 1 tsp pure vanilla extract
    • 1 tsp sea/Himalayan salt (optional but highly recommended)

    For instructions, head on over here!

  • Dr. Kiltz

    Dr. Kiltz’s website and social media pages (IG and FB) have lots of great information and resources about the ketogenic diet.

  • Diet Doctor

    A paid subscription site after a 30 day free trial with AMAZING informational videos and recipes. Perhaps the greatest place to start learning the incredible science behind keto.

  • Maria Emmerich

    Maria Emmerich is simply amazing and a wealth of information, knowledge, recipes, key success tips, and love. Her website is awesome and another truly amazing resource for any beginner or advanced ketogenic eater.