Fertile Friendships and Support
Posted by: Editor on Oct 27, 2009 in News

While participating in CNY Fertility Center’s support group located in Syracuse, Albany and Rochester several women bonded over their trials with infertility on their path to parenthood. Read the original newsletter story by clicking here. Below Kasha shares an update of how they are all doing.

Multiples playdate Dear Dr. Kiltz and Staff,

I am not sure if you would remember me or my dear friends and former CNY patients Penny and Beth. We were the ones who met five years ago in one of your support group meetings. We quickly became friends and bonded through our journey to become mothers. Within months of our first meeting we all got pregnant, are still friends, and our children, who are now four, are friends and regular playmates. This was a recent play date where we nicknamed the group “Kiltz’s sextuplets!”

Each time we get together we say a special thank you to Dr. Kiltz and his wonderful staff for helping us become mothers and friends! Thank you again!



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