Fertile Fireside Chat


Sundays at 8:00 pm (EST) LIVE on Facebook or watch reruns anytime

Fertile Fireside Chat

The fertility journey can be overwhelming. There’s so much to learn: names of hormones, anatomy lessons, what to take when, and when to just wait. It’s confusing. Like a whole other language, and you’re already on an emotional roller coaster. We’re here to help.

Every Sunday, we’re hosting a casual fireside chat with Dr. Kiltz to answer your questions–simple and complex–about all things fertility. Join Dr. Kiltz as he explains the newest treatment protocols, what hCG wash is and why you might consider it before your next embryo transfer, and why you should be eating fat, plus so much more. No question is off limits and no question too absurd. Whether you’re already a patient or just starting to tip your toe in the fertility pool, all are welcome.

Pull up your comfiest chair (and your lap top) and join us in real time for some information, inspiration, and affirmation.

And if you can’t tune in live, send us your questions in advance. Transcripts of our chats remain on our Facebook page so you can read through and listen to the Q&A when it’s convenient for you.