Fat is Your Friend

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Hello and Good Morning. Dr. Rob Kiltz.  How are you doing?  Another awesome day.  I’m going to tell you something that I didn’t understand or believe.  It’s about food and our diet.  And what’s the right thing to eat, and why do we eat what we eat, and is there a right thing?  So many people tell me, “I eat healthy and well-balanced every day.”  And yet you’re seeing a health care professional for a reason. There must be something going on! Is it possible that it’s our food that’s our faultering area more than anything?  What we believe about health, wellness and balance might be the imbalance, the out-of-balance –the completely opposite and wrong. I’m beginning to understand better and better.  I’m going to tell you a story and you’re not going to believe it.  You’re going to run away from it. You’re going to ignore it.  You’re going to say that high fat is going to kill me.  I’m going to get fat . . . high cholesterol . . . heart disease . . . all of the things that I already have or am at risk for.  In fact, it might be the thing that everyone is telling us to eat:  fruits and vegetables, whole grains, “yogurt”, “organic”, “natural”.  Could it be as simple as that?
“I don’t eat sugar.  I eat lots of fruits and vegetables.  I stay away from fats because fats are going to get me fat.”

As you probably know, the world is gaining weight and we’re getting fatter and fatter because our body is really smart.  It wants to take that glucose –fruits and vegetables, fiber, carrots, rice, pasta, beans, legumes, peanuts and almonds (all of those things that you say are really healthy for me) and store them as fat.  Your body mind is the most amazing, smart, powerful thing.  Because it believes and knows that tomorrow there may be no food for you. It’s used to going days or weeks without significant sustenance.  It wants fat really bad!  It wants that fat to be used as energy. We are starving our mitochondria because we’re shoving it with poisonous glucose ALL DAY LONG.  We want to go keto, but the keto is not being allowed because we keep on going glucose.  And glucose comes from every little grazing thing that we eat all day.  We’re grazers.  But we’re actually not meant to be.  We’re meant to be intermittent gorgers and fasters.  Because our body wants fat stored, that’s why we store fat so fast. So our body has the source of the fullest fuel tank to go days and days and days to go with just water, air and love of life.  But we are driven to those carbs because our body believes there are not carbs or fat tomorrow to consume.

It seems crazy that our diet should be 70-75% calories from fat – that means saturated, good animal fat (pork, beef, butter, and coconut fat and oil are alright too).  Get it into you now!  We’re not grazers.  Every time you graze on the 5-6 meals per day and the 5-6 of everything – grains, fruits, legumes, nuts, milk – and very little fat.  Make sure it’s healthy fat.  I’m not sure what that is that they’re speaking about.  Authorities are telling us what’s good for us, and my sense is that the authorities run the food industry and pharmaceutical industry. I’m not saying they are purposely doing it to lie to us, but we are mislead because we keep on doing what they say is good and right, but how come we need more drugs and surgeries and interventions and we need to run, run, run more and we’re getting fatter and more unhealthy?  Is it simply possible that what we’re being told is completely opposite?  I didn’t believe it either, but the more I eat pork belly, bacon, eggs, butter, beef, fatty cheese, full whole cream and I stay away from fruits and vegetables and grains, cereals, rice, pasta and  milk, I become lean, healthy and energetic.  The ketones are the fuel of our bodies.  Our mitochondria are saying, “yeah, right on!”  Glucose is our killer.  It’s in 99% of what our food industry, our government, our authorities, our nutritionist and our doctors are telling us to eat.

I was amazed to learn that a PET scanner is used to identify cancer cells.  The way it works is they tag a radioactive isotope onto glucose and inject it into your body.  Those glucose molecules go right to tumor cells.  So in fact, it’s the glucose that’s our culprit, and not fat.  Glucose causes the inflammation.  There’s cholesterol in our body that’s natural and it happens to stick and clog up our arteries, but it’s not that they’re the problem.  The problem is simply glucose and inflammation and insulin and grellin??.  You keep on doing what you believe, but I’m going to ask you to let go of what you know and do something that’s crazy and opposite for 30, 60 or 90 days, and just WATCH IT HAPPEN!  Your body is going to be as happy as can be.  It’s going to be energetic.  It’s simply doing what it wants using fat as its source of energy.
Remember, every time you eat a glucose load – fruits and vegetables, cereal, rice, pasta, yogurt, bread, nuts, legumes – you’re blocking the use of your fat stored. You’re inflaming every cell of your body.  And you’re causing cancer, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disorders, dementia, Alzheimer’s, depression.
I’m being absolutely nuts about this.  But I’m going to say I’m being a really fat man about it.  I’m going to tell you F FIRST – Food, Fat, Faith.  This day and every day, do something you don’t believe in.  Look or read something you don’t believe or understand.  Don’t believe me and don’t try it one bit.  Do something that’s radical and different for you and me and all of us.  You will see something more amazing unfold in your life.  Check out www.dietdoctor.com.  Read Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubs and The World Turned Upside Down by Richard David Feinman.  Also Jimmy Moore and Maria Emmerich. There’s some really great stuff out there.  Don’t believe a word I say, by the way. Do something different.  Remember, put a smile on your face this day and every day.  Be grateful for the day.  Share your thoughts.

We’re here to share our world. We’re all one and the same. We’re open to the world to connect in positive ways. God Bless to you.
-Dr. Rob Kiltz