Fat Fuels the Fire of Life


How can we understand the fuel of the body without knowing all of the metabolic, chemical, and molecular shifts and changes in the body? I say, simply look around and understand that fat is the fuel. We get fat for only one reason: we are driven to eat and consume things that get us fat. It is what makes us desirous and joyous and satiated – eating those things that make us fat. Getting fat is the fuel of the future.
It is the fuel that allows us to consume when food is in abundance, so we survive and thrive when food and fuel are lacking. The seasons and the shifts and changes in our environment are all natural. We were built to perform in “lack”. That is lack of food and lack of fuel.
The body burns one thing: FAT. Fat, again, is the fuel of the mitochondria. It takes fat and breaks it down into catechol A and uses that to create the energy for the electron transport chain so it can maintain cellular function. Cellular function is always going. This idea of going running, exercising, and feeding the fire with constant food all of the time, well, it doesn’t make much sense.
Let’s just say we are meant to eat anything. Being a scavenger is what we are. Carbs are what we desire. They make us feel good because carbohydrates are sugar, and all sugar is converted to fat and stored. Glucose is dangerous for your bloodstream and body in the levels that we have in our existence today in our modern world. Glucose is the toxin that causes vasculitis, hypertension, diabetes, all cardiovascular and all vascular vents in the body that lead to end organ damage disease and failure. And, yes, cancer.
The inflammation caused by the foods we eat and mostly glucose, causes the cytoplasmic damage that causes the cellular dysfunction in the mitochondria to die or be dysfunctional in the conversion from aerobic to anaerobic fermentation. Yes, even in the face of oxygen in our bodies, in our cells. My bet is there is a depletion of oxygen in microvascular segment, in the cellular beds because of the damage of glucose which we consume day in and day out. We are told to eat seeds, fruit, fiber and vegetables by the so-called “experts”, but these foods are causing the diseases that require us to take all of the drugs. It really is simple. Eat far less than you eat if you choose to consume whatever you consume, but make it narrow. Yes, EAT LESS!
Eating more of anything doesn’t make you healthier. We are built for intermittent fasting. We are built to get fat fast. We are built to consume carbs because carbs fuel the fat cells. They are the gas tank. The gas tank is the fat cells. And you better get fat fast, because if you don’t, you will be dead.
ONE MEAL A DAY max. Okay, if you really think you should have two go ahead, but one is probably all you need. More minerals and vitamins from more food doesn’t make you healthier, it actually makes you more diseased and damaged. The mucosa of the GI tract is some of the most sensitive cells in our body. We are damaging them and depleting them and we are inciting cancer in your body. We are leading to the diseases that you should not have.
Alcohol is a toxin. The more you drink it, the worse you get. Fresh air, fresh water and mineral water is probably better. Fresh meat and cooked meat may actually deplete many of the vitamins, minerals and co-factors that your body needs. And don’t forget to eat fat.
Fatty meat is better for you than lean meat. The whole egg is better for you than the white. And if you need that little extra drink in the morning, make it with whole cream with one egg, that is it. A teaspoon of simple sugar. Because simple sugar is absorbed quickly with little disease and damage to the mucosa of your GI tract that you’re getting from all of the complex carbohydrates, fruits and fiber and vegetables that are bad. Those smoothies – you are micronizing all of the plant material that are the antigens that we are allergic to, but it is very subtle. It causes the slow, slow subtle damage and disease. It is very slow. It is very subtle. It is very harmful.
Slow it down. Take a breath and enjoy the day. Put a smile on your face and enjoy life. One meal. It becomes a new habit. Make it the evening meal. Then you eat (yes!), then you get tired and you rest and allow the blood flow to the GI tract. The mesenteric blood flow to your most precious organ to bring in the most precious fuel and store it through the night as fat. The glucose levels go up and then they go down. The insulin level drops and then gets into the normal range which is probably around 60, and that is where you should stay.
Not one ounce or microgram of sugar is required to be eaten ever, because your body makes glucose. In fresh meat – that’s fresh, fatty meat—is the fuel, the small amount of protein your body requires and the minerals and vitamins. That’s all you need.
Walk in this day with a step of joy and happiness and a smile on your face. Look around you and smell the roses. Sips life’s amazing choices. For God has gifted you and me a life with many challenges. Many things we consider painful and problems, but they are simply the pushing of life. We must recognize within each of us that we have the power to be and to have and to share and to gift and to give life. This day and every day God’s love is what we have. At the hand of the Creator –one hand of one Creator—we learn to live life with love and forgiveness. And we judge, boy do we judge. In some way, we are meant to judge, because we want to make sure we judge the right food and fuel. Judge life with abundance.
For this day, shift your life. Fertile fatty foods. Fertile foods will sprinkle life’s joy. Less is more. Allow your body to circulate all of the beautiful juices. Remember we burn these things called ketone bodies all of the time, but we don’t see them because they are masked because of the abundance of glucose which damages our cells. By allowing glucose to be in the level it’s supposed to be, we allow catechol A to be abundantly driven from the fat cells in the day when we need them. Those ketone bodies—we call them ketone bodies, but they are simply acetoacetate acetone and beta-hydroxybutyrate, but let’s leave out all those complex chemical names because they are less important. Simply allow your body to share the fat/fuel that’s in the tank you have today. It’s not being fat that is bad. Actually, being fat is good. It’s the constant filling of the GI tract with all of the toxins that create the septic environment that fuel this fire of inflammation. It’s the fire of inflammation. Poorly digestible carbohydrates, complex carbohydrates, all of these sticks we’re putting in our body actually fuel the yeast and bacteria that create all of the heat and inflammation and that is bad.
Maybe what we should be looking towards is something opposite of what we are seeing in our environment that is actually creating all of the damage and disease we are all getting, requiring all of these medications that somehow abate the problem, but don’t cure us. All they do is douse the fire with kerosene. And the more you douse it, the more it builds.
Cure hypertension, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, maybe dementia and Alzheimer’s, maybe arthritis. Slow it down and simply go for an easy walk today.
This is Dr. Rob Kiltz. Mindy Body Smile. CNY Healing Arts. CNY Fertility. I’m simply here to share some thoughts and ideas that I didn’t even believe in. I was an avid consumer of all of these fruits and vegetables, yogurts and exercising, but now I’ve found that simply slowing it down is the answer. Fueling the mitochondria with the fat that you carry in the day is what you are meant to pay and play.
Check out Maria Emmerich, Jimmy Moore, Andreas Eenfeldt, Gary Taubes, William Davis, and David Pearlmutter and their infinite advisors like Alan Davies. The resources are there. Read Keto Adapted and look at Jason Fung with Jimmy Moore in The Complete Guide to Fasting.
God bless to you. Enjoy this awesome and amazing day on this Good Friday.

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