Evolving Goals


flower budLast night we had a wonderful time making Vision Boards with Dr. Rob at the Syracuse CNY Fertility Office.  As I began creating mine, I realized that my goals and dreams have changed drastically since the last vision board I created in the beginning of the year.  Back in the winter months I created a vision board focusing primarily on my physical and spiritual health.  It was covered in photos of yoga poses, prayers, healthy foods and positive words.  Since then I have been actively working on practicing yoga each day, meditating when I can, and surrounding myself with only positive people and situations.  I have felt a definite improvement and I know that looking at my vision board each morning helped me achieve that goal.
Last night, my vision board took a new direction.  As I was cutting out images and words that appealed to me, I realized that my board was no longer about my goal of health and wellness; rather it was about my dream of building a new home.  It was surprising to see how drastically different the two boards were, I never imagined my goals would have changed like that in only a few months.
It is important to realize that our goals and dreams do change.  Once we accomplish something, or realize that maybe a particular goal is no longer in the forefront of our minds, it is natural for our aspirations to evolve.  To allow this natural evolution it is important to keep ourselves open and receptive to the world around us.  We must work to welcome and accept change, as it is natural and occurs often.  Change can cause anxiety, but just remember, with change comes new dreams and opportunities.
Lisa Stack

NOTE: Dr. Rob will be holding two more Vision Board Workshops during the month of June.  See dates, times and RSVP info below. We hope you can join us!
Wednesday, June 17th, 2009, 5:00PM – 7:00PM
CNY Fertility Reception Area
2244 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14610
*Please RSVP to rochregister@cnyhealingarts.com
Thursday, June 18th, 2009, 5:30PM -7:30PM
CNY Fertility Reception Area
38A Old Sparrowbush Road
Latham, NY 12110
*Please RSVP to Stacey at SDicerbo@cnyfertility.com