Everyday Positive Thinking by Louise L. Hay
Posted by: Editor on Jan 07, 2011 in News

This month, we have explored Louise L. Hay’s Everyday Positive Thinking.  This is a small, yet powerful book of over 400 positive and uplifting affirmations by Louise Hay, and other authors.  This book can be used on a daily basis to set the tone and intention for your journey.  A good way to get in the habit of using positive affirmations is to write down your daily affirmation, and keep it with you at all times.  Then, the note will be there every time you open your desk drawer, wallet, or purse.

Whether you use the affirmations in this book or ones that you have created, they can be a great supplementation to your cycle.  While trying to conceive, it is easy to get into a negative thought cycle.  To work though these thoughts and emotions, keeping positive and uplifting words around you will help serve as reminders that you deserve kind and loving thoughts!

To begin exploring some of the affirmations used, here are a few samples:

“If you wait until you become perfect before you love yourself, you’ll waste your whole life.  You’re already perfect right here and right now.” – Louise L. Hay (p.146)

“If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will.  Not only that – you won’t be good at loving anyone else.  Loving starts with the self.”  – Dr. Wayne W. Dyer (p.149)

“Remove the obstacles.  Untangle the clutter that’s standing between you and the productive, fulfilling life that you crave.”  – Julie Morgenstern  (p.93)

“When an obstacle arises in one of your relationships, know that you can replace any fearful feelings with those of love.”  – Deepak Chopra, M.D.  (p.294)

For more uplifting and inspiring aspirations, you can purchase this book through our CNY Fertility Webstore:

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