Establishing Your Own Journey Toward Fertility


While trying to conceive or work through a challenging moment in life, it is often helpful to establish a time-line.  By having an honest conversation with yourself and your partner, you may come to certain realizations and expectations that leave you feeling like you are making progress.  The goal of this exercise is to not feel so ‘stuck’ and realize that you have a plan, and course of action to follow.  This plan may change and evolve over time, but it is a good idea to keep refining your expectations and limitations.  Take some time to complete the exercise below, and hopefully you will find yourself in a position of greater hope and clarity!
My Vision
Where do you see yourself?  What is the dream you are working towards?
This Moment
Where are you, right now?
My Choices
If you are unable to conceive with the current protocol, what changes would you be willing to make?  What options are you willing/unwilling to consider? (IUI, IVF, Donor Sperm/Egg/Embryo…)
I would try…

I would consider…

At this moment, I am not willing to consider…
My Time
If I have not successfully conceived at the following time intervals, I will make the following physical/emotional/spiritual/financial changes:
Three months…

Six months…

One year…
Take care,