Dr. Rob's Monthly Teleworkshop with Kristen Magnacca: Who Am I?


Monday, November 21st, 6:00pm please join Kristen as she shares her unique insight as she experienced it while on her journey to fertility. All participants will have an opportunity to share, ask questions or just listen in. Listen in from the comfort of your own home. RSVP to Kristen@cnyfertility.com or email any comments or questions before the workshop. No cost to attend.
Who Am I?
The harvest season is the third in the cycle of planting, nurturing and gathering…
In November, we usually focus on the abundance of the harvest and the gratitude and thankfulness we have for our blessings.  But if we take a moment and focus on the cycle of life, the cycle of fertility or a woman’s monthly cycle, then we are reminded that we are constantly shifting and changing within that “period of time.”
When you are in the fertility cycle, your focus is on becoming a mom.  But you still are a wife, friend, lover, companion, and, perhaps, a professional like a doctor, teacher, social worker, or healer.  And let’s not forget that you are a feeling human being who is working through the vast emotions that present themselves when you’re creating.
But who are you?  What defines you?
At one point in my life, my fertility challenges defined me.  I became them.  In a sense I was broken.  Then the cycle worked its magic and with all the seen and unseen effort, it came to completion and I was at the other end of the journey.
Life has a way of teaching us lessons each and every day.  We might hold tight to something we perceive as being safe and secure, but in actuality it might be an illusion.  It is illusionary because it becomes our entire “story” that we tell and re-tell to ourselves in order to feel secure.  But we will feel at peace when we create a system to connect to where our heart and soul leads us. Our outer world will reflect our inner.
November is the month in which we celebrate gratitude and thankfulness.  Perhaps this month you can take time to give thanks for your awareness of your inner life. Have the intention to ask the question “Who am I?” and listen to your heart’s reply.
I am sure that you will hear: “All is well,” “You are safe.” There is an infinite supply of energy for your heart’s desire to manifest itself.
Contemplating who you are now and who you’d like to become will only make you a stronger, more peaceful and more compassionate mother or father when your family eventually increases.
Great Blessings!