Dr. Rob's Monthly Teleworkshop with Kristen Magnacca: The Gift of Joyous Creation


Monday, September 19th, 6:00pm please join Kristen as she shares her unique insight as she experienced it while on her journey to fertility. All participants will have an opportunity to share, ask questions or just listen in. Listen in from the comfort of your own home. RSVP to Kristen@cnyfertility.com or email any comments or questions before the workshop. No cost to attend.
The Gift of Joyous Creation:
As summer comes to an end, we notice one of the greatest indicators of the approaching fall: the earlier sunsets we are experiencing. In fact, it is now pitch dark at 7:15pm!
Being able to enjoy sunlight until 8:30pm has evaporated with this earlier onset of night.  How did that happen? Time in the sun decreases moment by moment each day after the summer solace, so by the first week of September darkness arrives at an earlier hour, creating the feeling of a change in season.
Mother Earth’s cycles are predictable, yet also unpredictable.  The weather has shown the Great Mother’s power to create shift and change without warning… or at least with little warning. Think of hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes, oh my!
During any creation process there seem to be a moment when an abrupt shift happens.  The gift of joyously creating is a birthright.  But unfortunately some of us have unconsciously lost the connection with the joy created during the process of manifesting our desires.
But think back over the course of your life. When was your heart aligned with your soul? When did life seem to flow with ease and there was the stillness of calm and peace under the creation?
Then the mind jumps in, questioning and bringing forth the emotions that might push us into a dance of fear.  Questing our wholeness and our birthright to ask and receive, seek and find and love and be loved.
The flow of creation resides in peace and joy.   The mind dance brings in the doubt and fear, not as an enemy but as a protector.  So, how do you stay calm, cool and collected when your mind is picturing your worst fear?  Jump into your heart and out of your head and say out loud to yourself or quietly in your mind…
Thank you mind, you are trying to protect me, but my heart knows that my body, mind and soul are joyously creating my desire.
Thanking resonates the joy.  You can gift yourself moment-by-moment or day-to-day until your heart’s desire is in concrete form here on our beautiful Mother Earth. Remembering to Rejoice and be glad fuels all creation along with ease.