Dr. Rob's Monthly Teleworkshop with Kristen Magnacca: The Birth Process


Monday, January 16th, 6:00pm please join Kristen as she shares her unique insight as she experienced it while on her journey to fertility. All participants will have an opportunity to share, ask questions or just listen in. Listen in from the comfort of your own home. RSVP to Kristen@cnyfertility.com or email any comments or questions before the workshop. No cost to attend.
The Birth Process:
What were you doing at that magical moment when the clock struck twelve and all the hours, moments and days of 2011 were swept away? That one stroke of the minute hand on your clock brought in January 2012 with an offer of a fresh new start, a sparkly clean slate and hope for a brighter tomorrow.
What did you feel in that one moment?  Did you sleep through it, like I did?  Or did you celebrate and cheer in the New Year?
The holiday season brings a sense of urgency to feel what society expects us to feel and view our circumstances based on what it projects.  Family obligations bring up old emotional triggers that can pop the “illusion” of the holiday fantasy.  But what if we look at each moment of interaction with others as a gift to remember who we are and what we need to do to further self discover?
This past New Year’s Eve didn’t play out the way I had envisioned it in my mind’s eye.  There were tears, disappointment, anger and a bit of heartbreak.  At first, I bumped up against all those emotions, wanting to push them back at the person who had caused me to feel them. Then something happened: one last big “ah-ha” moment came in, through an earth angel.
What if the judgment I was placing on myself and the person who inflicted the pain could be changed? What if the last minutes of 2011 brought a cleansing for the newness of 2012?  What if it brought a moment to release and start anew?
Thoughts about our current life situation create our life.  Within the heartbreak and disappointment there is an opportunity to find the light within. Feeling and releasing provides freedom.  Feeling and releasing without judgment grants peace.  Feeling and releasing lets you be in flow.
Here’s an example of making this philosophy work.
A client began her first IVF judging herself and the IVF medication that she obtained in a nice brown box.  When she opened it, it was if she had gone to the “dark side.” She had a negative association about fertility drugs because she is a holistic provider who is “anti-medication.”
Her first IVF cycle ended in a negative result.  Her thoughts brought her face to face with whom she was and what she was willing to do to create her family.  A closer look at herself was what that brown box represented.
Way back when, I shared a similar belief system. I felt I was selling out because I took injectable drugs to create my family.  The shift happened when I reframed the connection to medication as a tool from the universe to help me co-create with the help of others. Using them was  different than I had previously hoped and planned, but none the less the desire to create my family was the driver.
So, my client and I talked about our similar feelings and I shared with her that I thanked the box of drugs and held them in gratitude instead of contempt. My client learned that she was pregnant with twins.
Our thoughts are so powerful and magical. God bless you on your journey in 2012.  Remember, we are all connected on this beautiful planet. How we view each day creates the next. I hope to chat with you this month during the teleworkshop!
God Bless.
Kristen Magnacca