Dr. Rob's message for National Infertility Week


Dr. Rob recorded a video message with a few words of reflection for National Infertility Awareness Week(R). Watch the short video clip here.


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  1. Mary Beth Lewis
    Mary Beth Lewis says:

    I am a patient at CNY. Dr. Rob has been wonderful. His thoughts and reflections to me when proceedures were being done are the same as he has expressed here. He presents himself as truely believing in calming techniqes/relaxation methods along with his words of reflection. He puts it altogether so ones’ mind is working with their body. I have twins and pregnant again (single baby)all through the help and comfort (mind and body)of Dr. Rob. Being a Nurse Practitioner in Womens’ Health– I see many times how uptight and emotional , along with my own experiences of trying to concieve, people can get. So bringing Eastern and Western thoughts and techniques together is very realistic (plus, I have seen first -hand for myself. Thank you to Dr. Rob and his staff for my pregnancies–beautiful twins and a beautiful baby-to -be.

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