Dr. Rob's Love & Infertility Workshops, what's in it for you?


CNY Fertility Center and Dr. Rob Kiltz have been sponsoring the Love & Infertility Workshops over the past year in all three center locations: Syracuse, Albany and Rochester, NY. Kristen Magnacca is the main presenter and Dr. Rob, as well as Kristen’s husband Mark Magnacca, join her at times during the workshop series. Below Kristen writes about why she presents these workshops and explains how they can help you regain control of your life.
NOTE: We still have room available at all three upcoming National Infertility Awareness Week Seminars with Dr. Rob and Kristen. Click here for time, date and details.
kristen magnacca
I remember when my husband and I were in the “fog” of our fertility treatments and how I felt so disconnected from other people.  Trying to bury the burden of our fertility challenges just furthered my isolation.  My coping strategy was to push the despair so far down that it was completely buried. Except when it bubbled up, often at a time that was not of my choosing.
Back then I did not attend workshops, support groups or attend orientations. Rather, I was a stalker who read about what took place through newsletters or by asking women I knew who did attend what they found helpful.  This was my approach to get the information without being fully engaged mentally.
It wasn’t until the dark night of the soul that I experienced as a result of a miscarriage that our situation began to change. I took immediate action and started to become a joiner.  Eight months have past now since Dr. Rob has invited me to be part of his amazing Fertility and Healing Arts Centers.    During this time I have had the privilege to get to know the attendees of the workshops who are strong, brave and beautiful women all confronting a similar struggle. I admire their courage and action in order to “Do the Work” and change.
What they all have in common is that they took action and stepped out of their comfort zone.
For me, the most important part of my past is sharing with you “What I know now what I wished I knew then” which is that it is better to be in the light of help then in the darkness of fear.
If you have been coming to Dr. Rob’s Workshops I commend you and congratulate you on “Doing the Work” and if for some reason you too haven’t taken the first step of joining us, please reconsider.
I have included Kristy Lee’s insights into her experience at the workshops that I encourage you to read.  She expressed so eloquently what perhaps you’re might be feeling too.
I hope to see you soon at one of Dr. Rob’s “Love and Infertility Workshops”.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me directly at Kristen@kristenmagnacca.com
~Peace & Blessings, Kristen
“I signed up for Kristen’s “Love & Infertility” workshops despite a lot of hesitation. I had just gone through a painful, but successful, HSG exam and I needed some kind of support and coaching. I had no idea what to expect: would I be in a room full of weepy, a barren woman? Would we hold hands and hug and eat chocolate? Would we all feel angry at yell at the fates? What could I possibly get out of this? At 25 years old, I was not a stranger to the effects of my PCOS/hypothyroidism/Luteal Phase defect, but I had no idea how to handle the overwhelming feeling of knowing my body was failing me. Despite my hesitation, I signed up for Kristen’s workshops at the CNY Fertility Center. I knew I had to get the emotional and spiritual support that modern medicine couldn’t give me.
Kristen’s workshops changed my life. For months I had been angry at myself and was hurling hatred and insults at my body. I had always been a determined, driven young woman; and now I was failing at the most natural thing in the world. Kristen’s workshops taught me to begin the healing process. I had to forgive myself, let myself grieve, and let myself hope. After the first session, I felt as if a ton of bricks had been lifted off my shoulders. The room was not full of angry, barren women. Instead, I saw myself in each and every one of the faces in the crowd. I was not alone. My entire way of thinking changed; I read Kristen’s book in one sitting and put all her exercises into practice.”
~Kristy Lee Witt