Dr. Rob’s Intention of the Day


Good Morning, Good Morning, it’s Dr. Rob. Another awesome and amazing day. How are you doing today? Up early. Breath and smile. It’s a joyful day no matter what God has created for you this day. You and I must imagine He has the perfect plan. The pieces of the puzzle that seem so chaotic always come together and create the most beautiful picture — your life. YOUR LIFE. This life we live of beauty, harmony, happiness, and joy, it is amazing! We must find that joy in the moment of now. God is the gift. God loves. For love, in the challenges of life that we see, we fight and fight and fight, but it really is within each of us—me and you.
Remember, the body requires a little bit of oxygen, water, and sustenance, but in general, our sustenance is overindulged because, instinctually, we eat and eat and eat to store the fat for the survival of tomorrow. But then, we get fat and the constant consumption of carbs causes inflammation in our bodies, and it’s not a good story.
To keep it simple, it’s really very simple. How many of your out there are on drugs for hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol? And what is the cost of that? It really is simple. Eliminate the bagels, the yogurt, the grains, the greens, the rice, the pasta, and the bread. We are consuming the things that make us sick, which then require the drugs that ultimately never make us better. Why would we do that? Why would we keep eating the thing that makes us sick? That seems sick to me.
God created this earth and the human brain –the intelligence we have to shift and change, think and love—and life is perfect as it is. God’s love is here with you this day. God’s love is here with you this day and it is simple. We fill the house up with cocaine. Cocaine – that’s right. I call it “carbocaine”. Carbohydrates are something your body requires ZERO of. And yet, it makes up 80% of our caloric intake. Our diet does not consume fat or maybe a little bit of the good fat, as someone says, vegetable oil. But truth be said, our body really does well with less consumption of food. Once a day, at most, or less.
For life is simple, easy and amazing, and God has gifted you and me with the perfect life and we are living it now, today. With love, faith, happiness, joy and kindness—KINDNESS. Be kind. Do not criticize, condemn or complain. Do NOT criticize, condemn or complain. Criticize. Condemn. Complain. These are things we do each day. It doesn’t matter. It starts with the weather, or the TV or the radio or the car or the dog or cat or the husband, wife or children. The friends, the neighbor, the enemy, work or school. But truly remember it is all within each of us. Our true job in life is to stand still and love, and hold joy in that love of the things that you hate. When you say “I love you”, “Thank you,” and “I’m so grateful.” “Yes, I love you,” “I’m grateful,” “Thank you”, “How Blessed I am to be with you in this life.”
If they don’t kill you, they make you stronger. But, the strength really comes from being able to step back, look around and the see the perfect nature of all things. GOD LOVES THEE. God loves thee. God is the perfect maker of the universe. The world is not out there, it is in here. A breath and smile this day.
Continue to hold the dream of that which you desire, but remember it as if it already is, and you need not go anywhere. It is there with you now. It is there with you right now. How simple and easy it be, for life gives us the way to simply grow and be. In a breath and smile of life this day.
Supplements . . . okay a little bit. What’s all of this stuff about all of these powders, protein, juicing, shakes and exercise? Are you exorcism-ing? What are we really doing in life? Let’s put on a smile and be happy and stand still and be good with wherever we’re at or wherever we’re going. Realize you can’t make anyone else happy or sad. You can’t make anyone else right or wrong. Good is within each and every one of us, because God is within each and every one of us. We are the God that life has created.
Yes, stand still and know that you are God, for God is within each and every one of us. God is the creator of life. He didn’t promise a long time or an easy time. Whether it’s an hour, a week, years, each of them is called a lifetime. Longer life is not necessarily a better life. There’s nothing for us to accomplish or do, but being human is all that is required and we are that. We are these little human animals, an instinctual machine that is learning, growing, sharing, and creating each and every day, for God’s life and love is with each of us.
How do you get healthy? Well, imagine you are already that which you desire to be and the universe becomes easy. The real sustenance is for the mind. Read a good book each and every day. Listen to a good book each and every day. Share a good story each and every day and realize that God has created this life for you and me. He always knows the right things for you this day. Remember: the fat of the land is the fertile findings for you. And in God’s faith, no matter, what or where or how, it is always perfect. Yes, always perfect. God loves you. Enjoy this day.
-Dr. Rob

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