Dr. Rob's Fertile Thoughts: Week One


I have an idea to share some regular thoughts on fertility, I don’t have all of the answers but I do know that doing “something” will give you direction on your journey toward fertility. I always focus on the positive words in life.
“I am fertile!”
“I AM fertile!”
The energy of thought touches each and every cell of your body, creates the vibration that emits it to the Universe and is exactly what you create. A thought, meditation, visualization, vision boards, pictures, words, colors that you see each and every day, need to all be part of your fertile thoughts. During the moments within the day they imprint on your mind, those thoughts and ideas that create who you are, what you have and where you go. This is the key.
“I am fertile!”
“I AM fertile!”
Visualize what you want in life, a baby, a family. Let go of the attachments related to how this will happen. In the thoughts, the visions, the creating and doing something, you attract all of the elements  necessary for it to happen.
Keep at it, be persistent, that’s all it takes. Simple meditation each day is a start on your journey to creating fertile thoughts. More fertile thoughts to come next week…
My love,
Dr. Rob