Dr. Rob's audio message on health & wellness


Listen to the audio message Dr. Rob Kiltz, Founder and Director of CNY Fertility Centers, created below to hear a few thoughts he shares on health and wellness, integrative fertility care and the fertile secret.

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  1. lora goodhart
    lora goodhart says:

    Hello Dr. Kiltz’s. I never knew to call you Rob. You were always Dr. kiltz to me. You helped me and my husband have little Auralee Joy in Nov. of 2000. I had went to see you many times 2 years prior. You were the BEST Thing (PERSON) that could have happened for us. The Lord used you to help us have the JOY! of our life. I used to LOVE going to my visits with you and all the girls that worked for you. One Of the most fine times in my life. I can truly say that. What a Blessing the whole time spent going up to Syracuse was for me. I was going to have a baby with Ron one day. His first and only child. She just turned 8! I just knew with you, up there, sometime was going to happen for us it would work! You… who you are, i knew you were special. (What great parents you must have to have raised a fine man as yourself.) You sent me flowers(when AuraLee was born) down to Sayre Pa, all those years ago. We came for the first picnic you had last June 2008, and could not believe the turnup. What a day you made for your patients. You are a GREAT MAN Dr. Kiltz’s. One that i will NEVER FORGET! thanks you for your kindness and your love to help others to have the most important thing in this world a child. i love you from the bottom of heart………. God Bless you…..lora goodhart

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