Dr. Rob Kiltz Offers Monthly Virtual Support


This coming Monday night, February 8th, 2010,  Dr. Rob Kiltz will be live at the Syracuse Support Group Meeting at CNY Fertility Center. He invites you to join from the comfort of your own home. You can watch and listen as he shares words of support and encouragement. This is also an interactive webinar, meaning you can ask questions in the chat area and Dr. Rob will periodically take time to answer those questions.  You will need a computer and a comfortable chair. If your computer has a microphone and speakers you are all set. If it doesn’t then you will use your telephone to dial in to the webinar and still use your computer for the visual part.
Once you visit the website link below you will need to add your name and email address, that’s all there is to it, you officially joined! You will receive instructions in your Inbox right after that with a direct link specific to you joining us!
PS – If you register before 6:00pm Monday night that’s fine, the webinar won’t be live until then, so you will have to come back at6:00pm Monday to join us and view it then.
Dr. Robert Kiltz
CNY Fertility Center