Dr. Rob – February 15, 2017


Hello and Good Morning. It’s Doctor Rob on another awesome and amazing day! How are you doing? The Three Ws – the Winner, the Wonderer and the Whiner – which one are you? The Complainers, the Doers and the Sleepers. Now the Wonderers are the Dreamers, and that’s not a bad thing. But there are the Dreamers who just dream, and sit, and wait and wish and hope, but do not act on those dreams or on life. The Whiners – we know who they are. The Worriers, the Complainers, the “what’s wrong with everything in life”, the unfairness, the inaccessibility and the complications.
The Winners are the Dreamers who get up and do something today on the mission of creativity. By acting, they fuel the fire of life to unfold, sow the seeds and heat the earth and fertilize. Beautiful spring rains bring sustenance, growth, creativity, and action which is simply unfolding each day to bring the riches of life. The riches of life are in the doing, the making and the creating. Remember, some things make it and some things don’t, but in the doing, something better always comes. That is the truth of the day.
There are bad things that happen to good people. But those good people who are the Winners know how to imagine that the bad is really part of the sowing of the seeds and the fertilizer of the universe and the growth and creativity of the best things of the universe. God has created for you and me this amazing life to unfold with energy, goodness and greatness. In the breath of life, BE THE WINNER!
Remember, we have already won the biggest lottery in the universe. That is called the gift of life. In that gift of life, that breath and smile is possible in each and every one of us, this day and every day.
Get up early with a smile and joy of life. Smell the roses each and every day. And feel the beautiful energy of God today, always and forever. How can I help make this better? Imagine that it’s already amazing.
Imagination and dreaming and wondering are parts of each and every puzzle. Each day some of us, all of us, whine a little bit, a lot or always. Just a little bit . . . hmmm, that’s okay, but don’t focus on that. Take the moment that you feel things have gone wrong and just say “Aah, let’s turn this wrong into a right.” Imagine that it is simply part of the puzzle of creativity. That’s it.
Today and every day, you, as an entity in God’s great universe, have the capability of stepping up and moving forward to that next amazing life. Wow! Are you ready? I know you are!
Visualize that which you desire as if it already has been attained. And in that “already has been attained”, no matter what, keep the vision of growth and creativity. And the hardships that you harbor are but the necessities of the creative juices and flow of life. You can only stand still for a moment. Lean forward. A leg or a foot, will move. An arm, a body, a life. Now, you are and can be and will be. I AM THAT WHICH I DESIRE TO BE. It is within me this and every day.
Hold that imagination—that power of life—and allow it to unfold, to God’s joy and journey.
This is Dr. Rob. Another awesome and amazing day in the universe that God has gifted to you and me today. You are the Winner you desire to be, no matter where you’re standing, where you’re at or what you’re doing, it doesn’t’ matter. You and I are the Winners. And in our wondering, we now understand a piece of the puzzle. It’s go ahead and move it. Yes, in that moment of whining and wishing, move to wondering and now move to winning. God Bless. Enjoy this awesome and amazing day.
Check out The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill; The Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale; and don’t forget Mind is the Master by James Allen.
Check out Mind Body Smile and join us on April 1, 2017 at CNY Healing Arts for a retreat and seminar. Join Teresa Huggins and me for an event where we’ll share ways for improving your life and focusing on how to enjoy the treasures that you already have. More to come . . . God Bless!
– Dr. Rob

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