Dr. Kiltz on the Fertility Journey

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Hello and Good Morning.  It’s Dr. Rob Kiltz –Owner & Director of CNY Fertility Centers in Albany, Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo.  We see clients from all over the world – we are global – yet we give the local touch.  It’s important for all of us.  It’s important in caring. Our team is here to serve you and provide you with the best of care and be the best guides on the journey of the fertility path. I use the word “fertility” in a positive light.  You must consider yourself fertile, even with the challenging journey of infertility and not conceiving, or conceiving yet miscarrying, or just the hardship of the daily grind of life.  But I like to believe that grinding in life – like when you grind those coffee beans and smell the fresh aroma – is just the work of life to help get you to that destination.

I like to begin to think about the destination.   I then hold the dream exactly as I intend it to be, and I know that is where I feel harmony, joy and perfection.  We want to help you on that journey.  The “whys” are hard to understand.   I say, let go of the “why” and let’s help develop the way and pave the way toward a more comprehensive understanding.  Unknown causes are great.  We’ll call them “idiopathic” because we are kind of idiots—that’s what I like to say.  But truly, there is a lot of scientific evidence today to help support that the immune system is the key.  If we can help improve our immune systems and reduce inflammation, we’ll help heal our bodies – of the sperm-producer, the egg-producer and the houser (“the vessel”) of that beautiful baby.  This is our drive in life.  Stress, food, environment, and life are all factors.

We are no longer having our children when women are in their teens and early twenties.  We are post-poning it for many reasons.  This is a large factor.  Our bodies are exposed to all of those factors:  the gut inflammation from the food we eat; the toxins in our food or in our environment; the stress of our lives; and how our brains are dysfunctional.  But we can actually take a holistic, comprehensive eastern and western approach and improve our lives and our fertile journey by simply looking at the whole picture and not being narrow-minded to one.  Our DNA is the driver and the map.  In fact, it is all of the puzzle pieces around it.  Our DNA is affected by inflammation, and the immune system will harm it.  The immune system can actually heal it as well.

What we’re here to do is better understand – to listen to all of the options.  If you want to know how to improve my natural ways to conceive, you should consider both eastern and western approaches.  At the same time, we need to ask if there are some western approaches that are interventional that may help even further.  All of these should be options for you.  Not one, but all.
Or if your situation is I’m thinking about conceiving, but I haven’t been trying.  You don’t need to “try” by the way, nature knows what to do, but we need to allow our bodies to heal in a way that gives us the healthiest pregnancy and the best odds for enjoying it.

We’ve brought on many experts – eastern and western practitioners – to help guide us and improve our lives.  What is the best food plan?  What is the best motion/exercise plan? What is the best supplement/vitamin/nutritional plan?  What is the best mind plan that’s going to help our bodies move, relax and enjoy in the best way?  What are the interventions required, or at least the options that will help improve my odds for that perfect, beautiful pregnancy?  We have those answers.
At CNY Fertility, we provide that local service to the globe.  Travel is so easy today.  Communication, as you hear right now, is instantaneous.  We are here to build your journey. Build the path to your success, recognizing that we can stand back in the moment and know that we have it now.  The secret is faith and belief in the Great Creator within our minds and everywhere in the universe.  We have it.

A breath and smile.
This is Dr. Rob Kiltz with CNY Fertility Centers.  I’m here to help.  Our healing centers at CNY Healing Arts are also here whether you’re attempting pregnancy or simply moving to improve your life.  God Bless.  Enjoy this beautiful day!
– Dr. Rob Kiltz