Dr. Kiltz on Obesity

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Fat is a Natural Being of Us

Maybe we need to change the idea that overeating and becoming obese is a disease?  In fact, it is not.  It’s a natural process for the body to want to eat, to want to take in the calories, and to preserve the future because your body and brain know nothing about tomorrow other than to expect a scarcity of food.  Obesity is not a disease.  The disease is the metabolic syndromes that occur because of our overeating the wrong stuff, not that we are obese.  Obesity in and of itself does concur with some other abnormalities, but in fact obesity is a natural human desire to thrive and survive when in previous times food was not abundant.  You’re damn right, you better eat that whole fruit tree and store as much fat as you can to get ready for winter, or the trek across the Sierra or the Sahara!  In order to get to the promised land of food, you must be able to store fat.  We are really good at that.

Overeating is not a disease, but a natural process of the body and brain.  The feel good stuff is EAT MORE.  GORGE MORE. GO FOR THE BREADGO FOR THE PASTAGO FOR THE FRUIT. GO FOR IT!  Even go for the fiber, because ultimately your body is trying to squeeze out every bit of carbohydrate from the fiber.  Your body does not need fiber, per se.  It needs calories.  Calories come from carbs, and that’s where fat is stored.
In the abundance of the herds and fish, and the abundance of fat, your appetite is suppressed.  You do not need to constantly eat, eat, and eat.  But, your body will stimulate you to go find food pretty quickly even when you are carrying lots of fat on board already.  It wants to maintain or grow those stores – like filling the cellar before the winter.  You need to have plenty stored up in order to survive and thrive.
It’s not about living a long time.  It’s about living just long enough to get to the next meal in order to survive and pass on those genes because they are really powerful.  Remember the drive is for food and procreation –those two F’s.  And, for fondling and foraging and taking care of your cohort. Important!
We will do things that we in a modern society would not understand or believe.  We fight for our rights even though they may trample on others.  We human beings are very selfish beings, as Richard Dawkins says in The Selfish Gene. We are driven.  Even in the comments we make and writings we write, it’s about “Look at me.  Pick me.  My genes are better than those genes!”
We want to thrive on top. To survive is to consume and to have.  That’s what this is all about.  Our selfish genes want us to get fat.  Fat is not a disease, it’s a survival mechanism.  The over abundance of high caloric and high carbohydrate foods is our problem.  We simply need to shift to eating more fatty meats, fish, and fatty poultry and let go of eating fruits and vegetables, fiber, grains, cereal, rice, pasta and bread.  But those do taste good and it is mighty hard to let go of that.
Exercise . . .  that’s a whole other topic.  We are doing it for the same reason:  procreation.  Pick me.  Look good. Feel good and let’s pass our genes along.
Dr. Rob just sharing some ideas.  Check out Mind Body Smile and enjoy the day.  God Bless!