Wonderful Letter From A Patient to Dr. Kiltz and Justine Taylor at CNY Fertility


Dr. Kiltz and Ms. Taylor,
I just completed my first found of IVF at the Latham location. Although I found out yesterday that my IVF cycle had failed, I still wanted to let you know about how extremely satisfied I am with my experience at CNY.
Since I was a little girl, the only two dreams I’ve ever had were to find my husband and become a mother. I found my soulmate and married him in 2011. I chose my career based on what I believed would be the best job for a working mom and I am now a second grade teacher. I spend my days loving great groups of seven year olds.
Anything I set my mind to, I have always worked hard to achieve, until I stumbled into the world of infertility. A place where it doesn’t matter how hard you work or how good your character and morals are. A place where despite your best efforts, you have no control. I’ve had to face more discouragement, grief, and loss of dreams than I ever could had imagined.
After spending months, well years, reading and informing myself of anything infertility related, I never believed I would be one of the women who had to undergo IVF. That was until we received some devastating news, that my husband (who I love and adore) will most likely never be able to get me pregnant naturally or with IUIs. I was devastated. Neither of our insurances for our careers as a teacher and police officer cover any costs of IVF.
I immediately started researching IVF clinics on the internet. The day I got the news of my husband’s semen analysis was the day you had posted about the NYS Infertility Grant. The next day, I called and the two ladies in the financial office (Amy Christin) helped guide me through the steps to apply for the grant. All of the conversations that took place over the telephone with these ladies were so easy, calming, and helpful and I received some funding for my first cycle.
On my consult day, Dr. Grossman not only informed me of any and everything I could possibly know, he made me feel comfortable and was completely professional. I left feeling at complete peace at what was about to become my reality.
For every appointment, when I would walk into the office (which felt more like a spa than a hospital), the secretary at the front desk would greet me by first name with a smile. Within minutes, one of the nurses would take me back for my monitoring. Each and every nurse was so authentically kind and personable. Each time I would leave the facility, I would be amazed at their unique ability to make me feel special and cared for. Two nurses in particular made me feel this way, Michelle Cioffe and Kim Griner ( the nurses who did my retrieval and transfer). I couldn’t have had a better experience.
Although our IVF failed, we are looking forward to trying again soon, if our finances can support it. I hope that someday it will be my baby(ies) on the wall of your hallway, that inspires other women not to give up hope.
I know what your vision is and was Dr. Kiltz, and I want to thank you for being a dreamer and making what is a lonely, dark, scary journey through infertility, a little brighter. What you do matters.
I just wanted to sing the praises of the team at the Latham location and I am looking forward to my dream coming true someday with their (your) help.
Thanks again