Don’t Believe Me


Hello and good morning, this is Dr. Rob Kiltz. The question is what is causing the rise in all of these common diseases – diabetes, hypertension, anxiety, stroke, cancer, autoimmune disease, gastrointestinal disorders – reflux, irritable bowel, colitis, and you name it. The list goes on and on. All of us, at any age, are suffering from these diseases. Whether we are children, infants, young adults, middle aged adults or the elderly. We know it’s coming. Something is coming. It’s on the rise. What if the common diseases we experience are caused by the common foods we eat?
This is an upside-down world. The more we spend on healthcare, it seems the more damage and disease we experience. The more we spend. The more it costs. The more drugs we need and surgical intervention and more special devices. Obesity is on the rise. We wonder how this is happening with all of the special diets, work-out facilities and home gyms. Who isn’t constantly on a diet? Yes, we are constantly on the diet lifestyle. What if the common foods we consume cause the common diseases we have?
It’s simple. The fruits/fiber/vegetable/high carb diet is the sugar diet and sugar is what causes all of our common diseases. If you’re infusing sugar into your bloodstream 24-7, you’re dead. You’re damaged and diseased –arthritis, irritable bowel, irritable brain, irritable life. Our health care is really “sick-care”, because every time you go to the doctor you need a cholesterol med, hypertensive med, diabetic med, anxiety med, depression med – why do we need all of the meds? Maybe there is something going on in the water, toxins, the environment and the stress of life, but it’s simply in the foods in our cupboards and refrigerators and at the supermarket. The supermarket is super-sizing all of us with the basket we fill with all of the abundant fruits, fibers and vegetables that are “healthy”, but may not be. Ask the simple question. Maybe not!
We exercise constantly, yet we see more disease, obesity, dysfunction and more money spent on healthcare. Can it be as simple as the foods we eat each and every day: kale, rice, pasta, bread, yogurt, milk, fruits, fiber, vegetables are fueling the damage in our gastrointestinal tract and filling it 24/7 with the fermentation milieu – that happy environment for bacteria and yeast? They say there are good and bad bacteria and yeast, and I’m wondering who says that? We are neither horses, nor cows or pigs. We are more like a lion or a tiger than you or I understand.
The simple answer is likely the right one. The box of cereal, the bag of rice and the bushel of fruits and vegetables are simply all 100% carbohydrates, broken down into simple sugars which are slowly secreting glucose into our bloodstream. That glucose is being transported to the liver, pancreas and every cell in our body. It wants to be converted to fat, because glucose is toxic to our bodies. GLUCOSE IS TOXIC TO OUR BODIES. Our body makes glucose and excessive glucose above 60-70 is bad for you and me. It’s the only toxin causing advanced glycation in products from glycation as opposed to glycosylation. Look it up! Wikipedia is the best, by the way. The information is available to all of us.
What I say doesn’t make any sense. I didn’t believe it either, but I did it. I eliminated nearly all fruit, fiber, vegetables, yogurt, pasta, bread, milk, rice, pasta, cereal, bananas – they’re bad for you and me.
The American Healthcare advice may be killing us slowly, from before we’re born, because our mothers consumed very high carbohydrate diet and then they were told to limit their food intake. They were told to keep it to fruits, fiber, vegetables, milk and yogurt and then exercise. But in fact, this all leads to all of the drugs, potions and to the surgical corrections for gallstones, appendicitis, and gastrointestinal surgeries for inflammation. The body is highly inflamed by glucose and all sugars. The fermentation of complex carbohydrates causes the damage in our body.
By consuming a high fat, low carb diet we heal the body, suppress inflammation and suppress our appetite. Slow it down! Do not do the wear and tear on the joints, muscles and entire body. We run on the road and think we’re somehow going to beat the car. No, not one bit!
A breath and smile to start the day. A fresh cup of coffee or tea with full cream or butter. Bacon and eggs for breakfast. Nothing for lunch and no snacks during the day followed by a fatty dinner. No wine or alcohol. No pasta, no bread. No salad, no fruits, no fiber or vegetables. This doesn’t make much sense. I agree. But, arthritis is caused by sugar, carbohydrates and fiber and running, running and running.
This is the opposite of what we’ve all been taught, but let’s just see. If you’re on any of these drugs or getting any of these surgical corrections, change it up! We are like lions and tigers. Lions and tigers eat fatty meat. They don’t graze all day long. They eat once and a while. They rest a lot. They do not exercise. They hunt. They mate. They nap. Slow your life down. Read a good book this day. Listen to a good book. Think good thoughts of all around you. The ketogenic and Paleogenic diets are man-made ideas. They’re great and a good start.
If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, spread out your meals by 24 hours or more. The fat we all carry is the fuel for the mitochondria. The mighty mitochondria are our power house. When it is damaged, all bets are off. It’s a bummer, I know. It’s a simple concept and idea that I share. It doesn’t and didn’t make sense to me as a doctor who learned all about nutrition from whom? The nutrition/food industry and the government. It is not a conspiracy one bit. We are simply blinded to the truth.
My sister Maria passed away at age 52 from prolonged chronic diabetes from age 4. The diet we suggest – the American Diabetic Association diet—is heavy in fruits and vegetables and simply take your insulin and cover your sugars. It’s a killer.
You can change it, but don’t believe me one bit. Begin to read and test it out and realize, amazingly, we don’t need to eat any sugar. Carbohydrates are unnecessary 100%, but you must eat essential fats and essential protein. That’s it. But believe it or not the fatty meat contains all of the minerals and vitamins. We don’t need excessive water and supplements. Amazing.
Now eat fresh from the farm and make it fatty. If you have excess fat (and most of us do), that’s your fuel for the next day or two, three or four. When you eat a fatty meal, guess what? The inflammation goes down. Energy goes up. You’ll feel strength, joy and rejuvenation each and every day.
My bet is that we’re always burning ketones and fat, but they’re being hidden by the high glucose levels and inflammation in our bodies.
Food for thought, but thought is the real food here. An interesting idea . . .
This is Dr. Rob Kiltz. Don’t believe me. Begin to test it out for yourself. Enjoy this day. God bless.

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