Donor Egg vs. Donor Embryo: What’s the difference?

At CNY Fertility Center we are proud to offer both Donor Egg and Donor Embryo cycles through our Donor Program.  While these programs sound similar, they are actually quite different.  Keeping in mind that each cycle is unique, let’s explore the philosophy behind Donor Egg and Donor Embryo cycles:
Donor Egg
Donor Egg cycles, the heart of our Donor Program, have been consistently creating families at CNY Fertility for years.  The many compassionate women who come forward and donate their eggs, are the driving force behind this program.  Many women will come forward to donate, expressing their desire to give the gift of motherhood to another woman.  This typically comes from their personal, positive experiences in motherhood
After an extensive medical and social history review, our donors are placed on the Active Donor List.  Once placed on the list, potential recipients may review the donor profiles.  It is important to note that the donors do not actually donate their eggs until they are matched with a recipient.  Once matched, we then begin the process of coordinating the donation.
Unlike Embryo Donation, Egg Donation allows for the selection of sperm.  Whether it is from a partner or chosen donor, it is the recipient’s choice.  It is also important to note that any remaining embryos from the Egg Donation cycle may be frozen, and belong to the recipient.
Donor Embryo

Our Donor Embryo program has been recently established, with very positive outcomes.  This unique program differs greatly from our Donor Egg cycles, but offers just as much hope and opportunity for the creation of family.  The embryos available are those remaining from other patients’ IVF cycles.  These patients have decided that they do not wish to transfer these embryos, and would like to give that opportunity to someone else.
Similar to the nature of the Donor Egg cycles, the donor profiles (of both egg and sperm) are available online, and they have completed a similar medical and social history.  While the recipient does not have the ability to choose the sperm used, there are many benefits to this program.  These embryos are readily available, and all of the testing has been completed, so cost and time are both greatly decreased.
This considerably simplified description of each program is intended to give you a general knowledge of the similarities and differences.  It is important to remember that regardless of whatever path you follow to achieve your goal of motherhood, the end result the same: love.  In those first few moments with your child, all thoughts of discernment between donors, cycles, and protocols will vanish.  All that will matter is the little one who looks at you with all the love in the world.
For more information regarding Donor Egg or Donor Embryo cycles, please contact our Donor Coordinators:
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We look forward to hearing from you, and creating the family you have always wanted.
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