Doing Eternity Always Through Heaven


Hello and Good Morning.  This is Dr. Rob Kiltz on another awesome and amazing day.  How are you doing?
Doing Eternity Always Through Heaven – I think they call that DEATH.  It is the conversion of the body back to its spiritual form and the release of the spirit to the universe to keep on doing what it’s meant to do, and that’s live.  This is where we find the beauty and perfection of God’s universe.  Within each of us, this beautiful universe has creative energy and emotion.  You and I are the emotion of the universe. Through our thoughts and through the Word comes health and wellness.  The eternal word is through the mind and not the body.  All things are in the word of life.
Doing Eternity’s Action Through Heaven.  Maybe that’s it?  The smile of life is the joy of life.  Through faith – faith is the ability to stand on the platform of the universe (the foundation) with the knowing of its perfect way—flows love.  Neither good nor bad, not right nor wrong, not light nor dark, but its perfect action in all things. Through love, life flows.  Through love, the universe flows – how it’s meant to be and the perfect nature of what it is.  A breath and smile, a blessing of life, it’s simple and easy.  The breath of life is perfect, you see.  Hold that smile this day.
What we put into our brain – the thoughts we add every day—it’s food. It’s sustenance. It’s the daily bread.  Read, listen, speak, write, and share about this amazing journey this day and every day.  We are all simply sharing God’s way this day and every day.  Join me this day in Doing Eternity’s Action Through Heaven.  That’s the place – that fantasy place, that dream place that becomes the reality through thy mind.
This is Dr. Rob sharing some thoughts on death, with love always.  God Bless to you.

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