Determining Blood Type with a Donor Cycle


Sometimes, we can feel inhibited by the unknown.  For some of our clients considering a cycle through our CNY Fertility Center Donor Program, determining the potential blood type of the child they are working to conceive results in anxiety and hesitation.  While it is not always possible to predict the exact blood type a child will have, you will be able to determine the possibilities.
Everyone has an ABO blood type comprised of a letter or combination of letters, and an Rh factor, denoted by a + or – symbol.  These represent the unique inherited antigenic (generation of an immune response) properties of your blood.  The possibilities are as follows: A (AA or AO), B (BB or BO), AB, or O.  You also have a corresponding Rh factor: + (++ or +-) or – (–).
You inherit blood type and Rh factor from your biological parents.  That being said, you will have two alleles (the genetically inherited material), one from each parent.   Let’s look at a chart to determine the possibilities of a child’s blood type, with a AB mother, and O father:


As you can see, the child will have a 50% chance of having type A and 50% chance of type B.
Let’s look at AB mother, and BB father:


This child has a 50% chance of having AB, and a 50% chance of having B.
Now, looking at Rh factor, if we have an Rh+ (+-) mother, and Rh- father, let’s see what happens:


This child will have a 50% chance of Rh+ and a 50% chance of Rh-.
In the case of a donor cycle, it is important to recognize a potential difference between the donor’s blood type, and the mother’s, father’s, or couple’s.  This may raise questions later on in life, if you decide to not make your child aware of the donation.  This topic may be confusing, and we would be happy to walk you through the potential blood types for your children based on the factors of your unique cycle.  Any of our practitioners will also be able to walk you through this process, so that you are aware of all potential scenarios.
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