Demystifying Egg and Embryo Donation Costs


There are many reasons for patients to pursue donor egg and/or embryo cycles at CNY Fertility Center.  If you are just beginning your journey through PRIDE (PRegnancy Initiation with Donated Eggs) or Embryo Donation, it is natural to feel overwhelmed with questions and concerns.  We understand how important it is to feel comfortable and well-informed, so we have made a wealth of information available to you on our website.  Our Donor Coordinators are also available to answer any further questions you may have, and they can be reached at the links below.
We frequently receive inquiries from new patients about cost.  How much does one cycle cost?  What is included?  What am I responsible for?  These are all valid and important questions, and I will begin to walk through some of the answers with you.
Cycles Using Donor Eggs
On the pricing page ( you will see a few different cycle scenarios, as well as the cost of medications for you and the donor.  The costs of the cycles do not account for medication used by either you or the donor.  You (the recipient) can anticipate your medications to cost approximately $410.00.   You are also responsible for the donor’s medications, approximately $2,950.00.
On the pricing page listed above, the various cycle options and costs are listed.  The cost of the cycle includes the donor’s compensation, monitoring, egg retrieval, your monitoring at our office up until the day of the embryo transfer including up to two ultrasounds for the Mock cycle, ICSI & Assisted Hatching, embryo transfer, freezing, the first year of storage for frozen embryos, and frozen embryo transfers, up to one year.
Single PRIDE Cycle
‘Single’ means that it is just one recipient (you) and one of our anonymous donors.  You are the sole recipient of all of the eggs produced by the donor.
PRIDE Cycle with Own Donor
This is a cycle using a donor you provide. The donor may be a family member, friend, or from an agency.
Split PRIDE Cycle
‘Split’ means one of our donors, with the eggs going to two recipients.  These are previous donors that have produced a high quantity of eggs. The eggs produced with your cycle will be evenly shared with another recipient.
Shared PRIDE Cycle
‘Shared’ means that the recipient (you) will receive ½ of the eggs produced by one of our patients. The donor would be undergoing IVF treatment for herself, but donate half of the retrieved eggs to you.
Single Multi PRIDE Cycles
These options offer multiple donor cycles at a discounted rate.
Donor Refund Program
This is a unique program with specific qualification criteria and can best be discussed one-on-one.  Please contact Pati for more information
Embryo Donation
Embryo donation ( is a cycle utilizing already fertilized eggs from other patients that have undergone treatment at our facility.  The cost of the cycle includes FDA testing for both the male and female donors, monitoring up to the embryo transfer (baseline ultrasound and blood work, and up to two ultrasounds with blood work prior to transfer), and embryo transfer.  Medications are not included, and will cost approximately $479.00.  You are also responsible for a case management fee of $500.00.
As you can see there are many different options for you to consider.  Our donation team would be happy to further explain the cycles available to you.  Please visit our website for more information:
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