Conceive shares Fertile Touch excerpt from Dr. Rob Kiltz's book The Fertile Secret


This month Conceive magazine shared another excerpt from Dr. Rob Kiltz’s new book, The Fertile Secret and we would like to share it here with you too.
Fertile Touch Daily Massage:
Make your way to a comfortable, reclined position. Beginning your diaphragmatic three-part breath, bring your hands and awareness to your abdomen. Throughout this practice, maintain the mantra: I love and accept my body. I have all that I need.
Make a heart with your hands by joining your thumbs and fingertips, and place your navel in the center of that heart. For a few breaths, feel the warmth and energy below your hands. Begin to move your hands upwards, and settle them right below your sternum. Slowly moving one behind the other and adding a little pressure, begin to move one hand placed horizontally from your sternum to your pelvis. Immediately follow with your left hand, and then your right, and then left again. Continuing this flowing motion for a few breaths, feel your abdomen relax and let go. Now, return to the heart hand formation, and begin the same slow strokes clockwise around your navel. Maintaining light pressure, continue to surround your navel with love and patience. Inhale, and exhale.
I love and accept myself. I have all that I need.
I love and accept myself. I have all that I need.
Return to flowing one hand at a time from your sternum to pelvis, for a few breaths, and then finally rest both hands nestled around your navel.
You have all that you need. You are perfectly beautiful and beautifully perfect. Your body is working, and will provide you with all that you desire.
Excerpted with permission from Dr. Rob Kiltz of CNY Fertility Center and The Fertile Secret: Guide to Living a Fertile Life.