Comparing Statistics: Why We Don't Believe In It


When trying to conceive, numbers suddenly have new meaning. Over time, each day begins to carry the weight of multiple numbers. How many days past ovulation am I? What was my last E2? What is my dose for tonight? Is 35 a healthy first hCG? What about my age? If my odds are only 15%, is it worth it? Numbers, whether measured or estimated, can feel like they are constantly working against you. That is exactly why we don’t believe in comparing statistics.
During a consultation we will share the estimated success rates for multiple cycle options for each unique client. However, we know that these are just estimates. We would like to be able to predict when you will conceive, but you are unique. You are completely different than any other client we have seen. There is no special formula or rubric that we can use to determine the perfect conditions for you to conceive. We also accept you, exactly as you are. Whether your BMI isn’t ideal, you’ve cycled 8 times already, or whatever the reason may be that you could be turned away from other centers: we accept you. We aren’t here to choose who should be a mother or father, we’re here to give all who want to try, a fair chance. That’s why, when you look at our SART statistics (link: they appear lower than other centers’. We accept everyone, and we are open to allowing more cycles than others may be. We have seen beautiful babies conceived, grown, and loved by women of all sizes, from a wide age range, and with various challenging health conditions (endometriosis, autoimmune diseases, etc.). We give those women a chance, even if it lowers our statistics.
Every single body is unique, and overflowing with hope. We believe that you can conceive, and we will be here to give you every chance that we can.
If you would like to continue the conversation, we welcome you to contact us to schedule your in-person, phone, or skype consultation: Click Here!

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