CNY Fertility’s Circle of Hope Support Group Welcomes Our Partners!


When I receive an initial inquiry about the Circle of Hope Support Group, the lists questions almost always end with, ‘Can my husband come too?’  Of course you can!  I highly recommend that men attend not only our group, but any of our support events as well.  While it may appear that we cater to our female clients, we truly love to support our male clients.  You are also on the challenging journey to parenthood, and you encounter as many ups and downs as your female partners.  I would like to invite you to join us at our Circle of Hope Support Group, where you will find comfort, empathy, and a relaxed atmosphere to gain great knowledge and tools for both you and your partner.  The men that do join us have wonderful things to say about the group, and often leave surprised by how much they learned and enjoyed the evening.  One of the great benefits you will receive from the group is learning multiple ways to communicate and connect with your partner throughout your fertility journey.  If you have any questions or would like more information on our support events available to you, please feel free to contact me!
You can find the next Circle of Hope Support Group session, here.
I hope to see you at our next event,