CNY Fertility Kids Club!



Annemarie and Maggie Marnell (age 7) were very excited to greet the visitors at the 2008 Zoo party. The girls had the opportunity to hand out the stuffed animals at the 2007 Zoo party and immediately claimed it as their job for the 2008 party. Annemarie and Maggie wanted to meet other twins, so they approached some of the guests and asked if they could be friends.

Annemarie asked Dr. Kiltz if we could start a twins club. Of course Dr. Kiltz said “Yes”, but suggested that we include ALL CNY Fertility kids. And so a GREAT IDEA WAS BORN!

Annemarie and Maggie will be co-presidents, and their parents will help to coordinate. We would ask for parent volunteers.

We welcome feedback and ideas in the development of the CNY Fertility Kid’s Club! Some preliminary ideas we can all work on include monthly meetings, outings, pen pals, fund raisers, guest speakers, Kid’s Club newsletter and kid’s birthday club.

Our vision is to create a safe, healthy, nurturing environment in which our children can build character, relationships, creativity and community support.

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