Client of the Week: Katie Tamez – A Proud Fertility Fighter



We knew it wouldn’t be easy to start our family as I had multiple surgeries to remove scar tissue and endometriosis.

When I was 15, I was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. During my last surgery in November 2016, both of my Fallopian Tubes were removed. They were blocked and heavily damaged and at this point were causing more harm than good.

Though I knew it was the right thing for my body, I fell into a bit of a depression. Any hope, no matter how little, of us having a family naturally was gone. My ob/gyn surgeon had recommended CNY Fertility to us and a month after surgery we had our first consultation with Dr. Corley.

We began keto and prepared for our first egg retrieval. I knew being depressed about the situation would not help my body prepare, so I began blogging and sharing our story through social media.

Infertility and IVF was taboo. No one talked about it, but once I started the conversation I started getting messages from friends asking for advice on trying to convince. The silence was breaking!

In February 2017 we had our first retrieval with Dr. Corley and ended up with 7 beautiful frozen embryos! Due to lack of insurance coverage after retrieval we had to put transfer on hold. It wasn’t our exact plan but we needed to save money to continue.

While we took some time off, we still continued to spread awareness and in October I was honored to do a TV interview with a local news station about IVF. At this point I knew I wanted to do more; not just for us but for all families going through infertility treatments.

So, I started contacting local, county, and state government leaders in New York asking why there wasn’t more coverage for families going through this. In March 2018 we finally began to prepare for our first frozen transfer. I was also invited back to the news station to give an update on our story and give some insight to NYS looking to move forward with infertility coverage.

We hope within the coming weeks we can travel to Albany to meet with government leaders in person and spread further awareness. But that will be on hold for a few weeks as we transferred our first embryo on April 3, 2018 with Dr. Kiltz and Great news!!

Our beta 4/13 was 349.89, on 4/15  it was 710, and our beta on 4/17 2003!!! We are 4 weeks 6 days as of today, the 18th. We did an ultrasound and saw a gestational sac!!

We love CNY so much. Without CNY Fertility we never would have gotten to this part of our journey. You guys, the nurses, doctors, and staff at both CNY Fertility and Healing Arts have become like family to us, helping our baby come home!!

And I still can’t wait to meet Chris at the capital in a few weeks! Even though we are pregnant we will still continue to fight with you guys and get better healthcare coverage for everyone!

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