Circle of Hope Support Groups: Tonight!


autumn_tree_1920Infertility is not only a physical challenge to overcome, but also a great emotional challenge.  Grief, stress, and anxiety are burdensome emotions that are frequently experienced by those trying to conceive while facing infertility.  All of these emotions are very normal and expected, but we would like to help you work through them.  Our intention is to create space for these challenging emotions, acknowledge them, and then let them move on.  The skill of helping these challenging emotions move on will allow you to have more energy available to cope with your infertility head-on.
One of the best ways to help these challenging emotions move through is to talk about them.  Each month, we offer two Circle of Hope support group sessions, designed to help you share your story and receive patient and loving support from other women and men facing the same challenges.  We welcome all stories, and we encourage partners to attend if they are able to.
Tonight our Syracuse Circle of Hope Support Group will meet from 6:00p-7:30p.  Please enter through the rear CNY Healing Arts entrance, and our hostess will direct you to the kitchen.  Email Lisa with any questions:
Our Albany Circle of Hope Support Group will also meet tonight, from 5:30p-6:45p.  Please RSVP to