Chillaxing: A state of ultimate chill and relaxation


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Relaxation is generally referred to a release of tension or a return to balance.  The concepts of relaxation response has been brought to the forefront recently with techniques that include a practice of yoga, Tai Chi, deep breathing, visualization, crainosacral therapy, acupuncture and meditation.
When integrated daily or on a regular basis relaxation techniques can reduce every day stresses when faced with daily trials and tribulations.
Relaxation as a state of mind is something that perhaps a few of us need to set as a daily intention.
When I was first introduced to the “relaxation response” through Dr. Herbert Benson’s book The Relaxation Response, I took the concept and ran with it literally.  Rushing here and there to classes and private treatments trying to force relaxation all in the attempts to become pregnant.
This summer a good friend of mine told me to “Chillax” which is a mixture of the terms “chill out” and “relax”.  During our TTC years if someone said, “just relax or chill out” I would have had a totally different reaction!  But relaxation and chilling out is a state of being, not something you did or didn’t to in order to create your family.  It is an internal response to stress, upsetting situations and daily gifts of trials and tribulations.
So with the summer coming to the end of its yearly cycle connect to the energy of this season and set your daily intention to cultivate a practice of relaxation.  In no way am I telling you just to “relax and get pregnant” I am suggesting trying something new.
You can begin by reviewing the options that are available at CNY Healing Arts Center and listen to the one that seems to call your name, or the modality that you see as one that fits you the most or one you feel would be best.  Think about what your needs are right now within your body and pick the one that resonates with you and your life at this moment.
September 20th @ 6:30
Dr. Rob’s Monthly Tele-workshop – Chillaxing Through Fertility Treatments

What I know now that I wished I knew then is that deep breathing did help me through some challenging times during treatments and procedures.  At first I was reluctant to adopting some of the relaxation responses techniques because in doing so would mean admitting we did indeed have big fertility issues; but I was so wrong about that way of thinking.
Cultivating a practice of creating inner peace is something that benefits you as a whole person, yah maybe it is a means to an end during this part of your lives’ journey, but living a chillaxing life makes an impact on everyone your encounter.
So, dial in from your favorite part of your house while we discuss creating a habit of connecting to your divine inner peace and the benefits of doing so during fertility treatments. RSVP to or send any questions that you might have.