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The CNY Center for Ketogenic Health. The idea that food is actually the cause of our illnesses and diseases and also a source of health and wellness seems to be a challenging concept for those in western sciences and healthcare. I, too, as a western scientist and physician did not have any idea that food in and of itself might be the cause of my very own bodily discomforts. As we all were raised on the generalized, Standard American Diet (that’s right, the Standard American Diet is the “SAD” diet)—rich in carbohydrates, grains, seeds, nuts, fruits, fiber, and vegetables with that occasional lean piece of meat. With our understanding of the gastrointestinal tract, we think it’s simply a processing plant for everything and anything you put in it. But, we’ve come to find out it is the most sensitive organ in our body and is easily injured, harmed and diseased. From the lips to the anus, from the top of our heads to our toes, the food we eat is causing our problems. Whether it’s the texture or actual make-up of the molecules, or likely both.

I’m going to tell you a story I didn’t believe. These terms “Ketogenic”, “SAD”, “Paleogenic”, “Atkins”, “30-day”, “Zone”, “The Ornish Diet”, “The Pineapple Diet”, “The Oatmeal Diet”, “The Full Fruit Diet”, “The Smoothie Diet” – it’s a hard one to figure out. But in actuality, those things we let pass our lips (both ways) seem to be the cause of our physical problems. What we believe of our food, our politics, our religion, and our social-cultural lives seem to be all that matters. This is the hard part about what’s wrong with us.

It really is a simple story. Our bodies require fat for energy and protein for building blocks. From fat and protein intake, it builds every molecule, including glucose. As it turns out, we do not require glucose to be consumed, that means carbohydrates in the form of seeds, nuts, roots, stems, branches, leaves, flowers, and fruits. Anything plant or vegetable is not required to be consumed.

The interesting part is we humans are scavengers and survivors, and we’re built not to starve easily. Going without food for days and days is not starving; we’ll call it fasting. We’re meant to convert food molecules into fat molecules for storage—and fat molecules that are easily transported and converted into Acetyl-CoA to fuel the fire of the mitochondria. This is the simple story.

The idea is that the ketogenic diet—the animal diet or the high fat/low (not) carb diet– is something that is therapeutic to weight loss, to energy improvement, physical health improvement in how you feel and think and what energy flows through your body and improves everything in your life. That’s right . . . improves EVERYTHING in your life.

From the caveman and before, we believe and have the story that he hunted and gathered and likely went days and days without sustenance. With that small amount of intake (either in actual volume or frequency), he was able to store energy as fat which he carried within himself for days, weeks, months and years. Our gastrointestinal tract is extremely efficient and able to break down pretty much anything and everything and infuse it into every cell in our body. As it turns out, glucose may be the single most toxic chemical in our body, which is easily taken from the gastrointestinal tract through the bloodstream to the liver where it is processed into fat. The liver is the first site of fat accumulation. Fat in the form of LDL, HDL and VLDL and cholesterol is transported all over our bodies to be used as energy and to be stored right next to and within those very cells that require them for energy. For further energy production, that is for ATP, that’s helping to keep your cells moving.

We’ve been given a story about getting the blood flowing by exercising and providing our body with energy to start our days. Our bodies are always in energy mode, but we are fueling the fire of inflammation by constantly adding carbohydrates, not consuming fat and remember most carbohydrates come in the form of complex plant material which have an enormous about of antigens, glycol-proteins, fatty glycosylated molecules with antigens that stimulate our immune response in our body. The antigens in our bodies are always active and alive. They help break down, clean up, rebuild and repair. They are how and why we exist in the first place. The immune system is #1.

Our stories about food . . . about this one provides this. . . that one provides that . . .this is high in this . . . and you can’t live without that . . . they are simply stories. Simple, “super-marketed” stories from our supermarkets. Yes, we’re all selling something, and you can’t stop that.

If you want health and wellness, try the ketogenic diet, which is somewhat of a misnomer and a label also. Ketones are the fuel for our bodies, and glucose is the toxic chemical for our bodies. We do not burn glucose; we convert glucose into fat. The pancreas is in the constant mode of reducing glucose by secreting insulin in order to keep glucose less than 60 mg/dL. We damage every cell in our bodies with glucose by keeping it in the range of 80-120 mg/dL, and as you know, many of us have it even higher.

The mighty mitochondria—the cellular organelle that is responsible for creating the energy that keeps us alive, living, moving, creating, generating and “wow-ing”. That’s right. You and I are the energy of the universe. We are the great creators. We will consume anything and everything. As you know, we consume many things that are not good for our bodies. It’s a simple story. We are harmful to ourselves. We are hurting ourselves everyday with the consumption of seeds, grains, grass, roots, fruits, stems and branches. The micronization in a blender and the adding of fibrous tissue is like a Brillo pad or sand paper to our gentle gastrointestinal mucosa. How bad is this?

Yes, we are driven to those things that make us feel good. The universe has no true desire for us to live a long time or to be happy, but simply to thrive, survive, reproduce and reproduce. What a lucky bird we be!

We’ve been able to soar to the depths of the ocean and the outer reaches of outer space. The human mind in its creative dream state is able to foster the fuel and idea of more and more. We are an addictive organelle. Addiction keeps us alive. We will strive and strive for oxygen, air, water, sustenance (food), even when it may be harmful. You and I know that. We will do activities to attract attention. You know it’s all about attracting the opposite sex or it might be the same sex. It’s that ‘feel good’ gene that pushes us to strive, thrive, to seek, create, build, make, and never give up. The striving gene is the thriving gene, the creative gene.

Our knowledge of food—whether it be vegan, vegetarian, herbivore, omnivorous or carnivorous or a smattering of all those things throughout our lifetimes. We read one thing and we believe it and we live it. We can’t believe that what we’re experiencing in our bodies is caused by what we eat, but this is it. We’re built to get fat. And we’re built to starve—that is we’re built to live days and days and weeks and weeks without food, days without water and only minutes without air.

I’m here to help with the ideas that I’ve been learning over the last several years. I too suffered from gastrointestinal pain, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, constipation, bloating, fat and fatigue, not realizing that three meals, snacks and high carbohydrate seeds and nuts, sodas, the simple this and that, and the complex, fibrous this and that were damaging my gastrointestinal tract and still left the damage of hemorrhoids. But I found my bloating and bowel pain gone; the diarrhea and constipation gone; and the infrequent blood gone.

The idea is to eat a fatty meal once a day with no fruits, fiber or vegetables. Wow! How crazy is that? No bread, pasta, yogurt or milk. How crazy is that? Yes, you can eat all of those things and find a way to do the ketogenic diet, the Paleogenic diet, the vegan diet, the vegetarian diet with coconut this, almond milk that and peanut butter, but remember we’re taking plant materials and processing them, packaging them and shipping them around the globe, then storing them and irradiating them. This is the hard part:   understanding the danger we have put ourselves in since the dawn of the agricultural age.

Ketosis is the process in which our ketones are greater than our glucose, and our GKI (the Glucose-Ketone Index) is less than 1 and glucose less than 60. Simple sugars may be okay because they’re absorbed quickly, converted quickly, stored quickly, and transported easily.

What is the best way to measure your health and wellness? Tell me how you feel. What’s going on in your bowels and what’s going on in your brain? The simple story . . . that’s all it is. A very simple, amazing story of the universe. Life is the most amazing story of the universe. Life. This is the most amazing story of the universe. I know. I too did not believe it.

In creating the CNY Center for Ketogenic Living is just another thought and idea to shift the ideas and create a new way and have a conversation about what is harming us. It’s simple. It’s what we eat and consume. Packaged foods, plant foods—processed even to the point of a smoothie which micronizing the components of plants so they’re easily ingested into the gut, infused into the bloodstream, travel to the most important organ in the gastrointestinal/inter-abdominal space—the liver–with the assistance of the pancreas and gallbladder, but it began with the mouth, lips and tongues. Even before you put that thing into your mouth, you began to secrete substances to help in the breakdown.

We have the most amazing system in the universe because it also came with the package of brain that has consciousness, thought and creativity. With the use of every other part of our body, we have taken life to a new level, a new creation and a new way. This is the day to say “YES” to ketogenic living with a high fat/ low protein/no carbs diet. If you use this concept, you’ll be in the perfect state. And remember, the occasional this or that. But remember, just like the occasional cigarette or use of alcohol or other drugs which are harmful to your body, you might get ill, bloated and be in pain. This is the biggest challenge of our bodies, minds and lives.

By simply changing what food you buy, grow, and create, and what you think of food (by changing the thought of what you eat, you change what you eat). This is the simple story. There are many resources to begin to read, but it really is keep it very narrow and simple, for the simple story is really the answer to all that we know.

The body requires fat for energy and a small amount of proteins. It requires sugars, but it makes those sugars. It is not required to consume those sugars, but is required to make them. It is required to take in essential fatty acids and amino acids. The animal products of liver and muscle fat is the best way, but through eggs, butter, and cream, you actually have the ability to bring in every molecule you need. As many people say, “That’s boring,”, but boring diets bring on the best health and wellness. That is the simple story. We are built to be healthy and well, but we break down and we will die. The idea that we must begin to think differently will create differently.

Ketogenesis is the idea that ketones—Beta Hydroxybutyrate and Acetoacetate and Acetone–are actually the molecules in our bodies that are transported from fat metabolism and are the precursors to Acetyl-CoA or the byproducts of that fat breakdown and utilization to create the energy for the powerhouse, the mitochondria, to fuel the creation of ATP and to fuel every cell in your body. It enables me to have this conversation; to take a walk; to sleep and move; to rest and digest; to think and thought. Constant ATP (Adenosine triphosphate)—that’s the entry into your “aliveness”.

Bacon, eggs, butter, beef—that’s my foundation. Fatty meat. Eggs, butter, cream. Fatty fish. Fatty pork. Duck, goose, lobster, oysters, clams, mussels. Keep your meals narrow and simple. Simple is the key. In 21 days or less, it will happen. Like everything else, it’s a daily practice to create and change. It will happen. Be patient with yourself in the process of life. Through what you read, listen to and think, will create the vibration of our body. We create our belief systems and our belief systems create our outer world. What is possible? Anything and everything!

Let us enjoy this beautiful day. Remember one meal a day is the best recommendation. Your body only needs so much fuel for the fire—the stored energy. Eat at night. Rest and digest. A little bit of tea or coffee and a little bit of water. Lots of air and less food. The fire is fueled by the fat we carry. The fat in the liver is the one thing you don’t see, but through the excessive glucose going to the liver, we are causing fatty liver disease. Inflammation, breakdown and subsequent damage to the most important organ, which helps us process the amino acids and simple sugars, and convert them into fatty energy to utilize a little bit of protein for the building blocks of our muscles and other molecules critical to life and energy.

But we require ZERO carbohydrates and sugar to be consumed. Yes, we go after it quick and fast. It makes us feel good. Being happy and feeling good is what we all strive for and thrive for. More to come. This is Dr. Rob Kiltz. The CNY Center for Ketogenic Living. Find a healthy lifestyle through slowing it down through meditation, yoga, Tai Chi, a walk in nature–your life flow and blood.