Party with the Animals 2018
Posted by: admin on Jun 11, 2018 in News
CNY FERTILITY HOSTS ANNUAL CLIENT APPRECIATION EVENT CELEBRATING SUCCESSFUL FAMILY BUILDING IN CENTRAL NEW YORK “Party with the Animals” at Rosamond Gifford Zoo June 4, 2018 – Syracuse, New York –CNY Fertility is once again saying “Thank You” to clients at its annual Client Appreciation Event held at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo at Burnet Park
The CNY Fertile 30-Day Challenge
Posted by: admin on Mar 16, 2018 in News
That’s the 30-Day Challenge to begin the change. Not just to simply do this for 30 days and then gift it up. What we are doing is changing habits. Improving what goes on in our lives by changing what goes on in our minds, what we put in our mouths, how we move our bodies,
Human FERRARI 101
Posted by: admin on Mar 15, 2018 in News
Good morning, good morning, this is Dr. Rob Kiltz. How are you doing today? It’s another awesome and amazing day. I’m just sharing some thoughts and insights on your health and wellness. It is the most amazing thing that we are alive and were born. That’s the magic and the miracle, truly. We typically go
The Positive Impact of Laparoscopic Excision + Laser Destruction
Posted by: admin on Mar 09, 2018 in News
Laparoscopic Excision of Visible Endometriosis + Laser Destruction of the peritoneum including the cul de sac significantly increases your chances of having a successful pregnancy Posted By Braverman IVF & Reproductive Immunology || 10-Nov-2017 Laparoscopic excision of visible endometriosis + laser destruction of the peritoneum including the cul de sac significantly increases your chances of
In Support of the Fair Access to Fertility Treatment Act (FAFTA)
Posted by: admin on Feb 19, 2018 in News
The Issue at Hand At CNY Fertility, we believe that everyone should have access to affordable fertility treatment without sacrificing quality. Currently, New York State only covers basic fertility treatments that exclude in vitro fertilization (IVF)—which is now a standard of care to treat infertility. Fertility preservation also remains outside the realm of insurance coverage,
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