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Infertility Success Story at CNY Fertility Center

My husband and I started our fertility treatment journey 7 years ago. I got pregnant naturally at 36, and had a miscarriage after 11 wks. We thought we would get pregnant again soon but months and months went by. I charted my cycle, went to acupuncture, drank fowl teas, took chinese herbs (that probably approved by the FDA), stopped running, went to Tai Chi classes, Qi Gong classes, yoga classes, and after 2 years, broke down and went to my first fertility clinic based on a brochure I found in my gynecologist’s office (do not recommend to do this).

He first tried 2 IUI’s then he stepped it up and tried to sell me on an IVF treatment. If I remember the conversation, he compared IUI’s to a VW, and the IVF to a BMW. I should’ve ran then. Luckily, I came to my senses, and did run, to a nice large fertility center. It was on Madison Ave and the waiting room was always packed with at least 50 or so woman. This had to be the right place! I had the nicest female doctor but after 1 successful egg retrieval (but none of the eggs fertilized,) and 2 unsuccessful IUI’s… I felt drained. Then my doctor left and upon leaving, told me that the clinic was a factory. I still went through one unsuccessful IVF procedure. Then decided I needed to talk to someone. Some woman that were going through the same thing.

That was the best decision I had made. In that group I got support and decided to go through a donor egg route, and I met a woman (who is my good friend to this day) who told me about CNY. I made an appt. at the Rochester office. First of all, I was shocked, it was a warm, cozy house with a fireplace! No white clinical rooms and uncomfortable “hospital” chairs. And people were nice! Another shock! Not, sign here…sit there, and the doctor will be with you… sometime. As I was making a complementary coffee, I was told the doctor was ready to see me!

So, fast forward… Dr. Ditkoff at CNY found a polyp in my uterus, something none of the other doctors found all the years of NYC clinics!!! We did a polypectemy and I found a donor. The first transfer did not work. But the second, with FROZEN EMBRYOS, did! And I became pregnant at 41. I found a high risk OBGYN because I was pregnant with twins and my age.

Sebastian Tate and Alexandra Roby were born June 8, 2014. I was 42. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!!! Thank you Dr. Ditkoff for finding that polyp and performing the polypectomy procedure. Thank you Dr. Grossman for performing the transfer! Thank you to the donor! Thank you to all the nurses that made me feel comfortable and sincerely cared for. Thank you to the donor! Thank you to the acupuncturists! And of course, thank you to Dr. Klitz, who is amazing in realizing that Eastern and Western medicine can be combined, and that ART is stressful, and women need a place that is relaxed as possible for things to work! And thank you, for two healthy, happy babies, our bunnies.

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