Blow Up the Day


Hello and Good Morning. Dr. Rob.  How are you doing?  Another awesome and amazing day.  It’s a rainy early morning.  Up early.  Easy. Every day.  Through the dreams of our lives, we unfold our reality, but in fact imagination is all we have.  As I’ve recently spoken, logic will get you from A to B, but through your dreams and imagination, you can take yourself everywhere and anywhere.  Whether it’s in a gutter or a ditch through worry and fear in what’s wrong in life, or through the wonder and faithfulness of the power of your mind to take you to the shining place of the day. That’s all.
Mind Body Smile is being blown up. That means destroyed to be re-created.  We’re putting us on a little bit of a blow up and through the rubble of life, we create new foundations.  Through the doing and learning, we unfold.
Recently I’ve been doing some things that I didn’t believe.  One was eating a high fat diet and recognizing that every single carb, all of them, are sugar. Sugar is the toxin of our lives.  Yet we want them really bad, like tobacco, cocaine and all of those other things that may not be so good for us, but when you start them, it’s hard to give up.  BOOM!   A blast of life.   For you and I to recognize that the journey is all of the bumps (which many call stepping stones)—the stairway to heaven.  You’re there right now.
Read and listen and write and share and connect in positive ways every day.  He always knows what He’s doing. Expect good, and good always comes, or better.  I’m always looking for faithful words. Wherever you get them, they’re human words.  You choose the success of your life, for it’s only a thought.  Here we are through choice to make it different, better, amazing, creative, fantastic.  BOOM!  Blow it up.
Now if you keep on doing what you’ve been doing and expect something different, you know what you’re getting:  Crazy, crazy, crazy.  And yes, I’m crazy.  We’re all crazy. I always thing about the man JC who died for us to show us that death is not death.  You dust yourself off; you step out of the cave; and here you are alive and good, through love and foregiveness to each and every one of us.  First of all, look in the mirror – “I love you.  Please foregive me oh Lord.  I’m here to do my very best and share with you the creative forces of life.”
We are here as one this day and every day.  And through the breath and smile, begin the day.  I’ve been listening to Tom Peters’ Re-imagine! and I met Rex, a pastor in the Albany area of a Grace Chapel.  Through grace each of us shares and learns.  We were speaking about Jim Collins’ Good to Great and another one I don’t remember exactly what the title was, but something about success as a choice.  The choice is what you think right now.  Success is what each of us has in the flash of a now. The flash of now is our choice of life, and we are the success stories no matter where you come from.  If you keep on building on what you believe is success, that glass tower grows and grows and grows and grows, and without a failure it finally gets so tall, it topples over.  But that’s part of destruction.
Destroy the day and become the “Chief Destruction Officer” as Tom Peters tell us. Destroy what you know to gain that which you desire, for you are the dream of life.
This is Dr. Rob Kiltz.  Mind Body Smile is being blown up to recreate.  Bringing in some thoughts and ideas that are way crazy and different.  I always say, we did put Jesus Christ on a cross and look at him now.  But that’s just one story.  You can create whichever story you choose today, because you are the chooser of the story.  This is Dr. Kiltz.  Mind Body Smile.  Share your success stories, but remember they are built in failure and mistakes, and those are our foundations of creativity.  God Bless. Enjoy this awesome, amazing day.
-Dr. Rob

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