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IVF Financing & Loans

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The unfortunate truth is that finances are the most substantial barrier to seeking fertility care. While there are affordable IVF options, the average cost of IVF in the united states is $23,000, with most people needing more than two cycles (or more than $50,000) to complete their family. Given this incredibly high and unexpected cost and the fact that 75% of Americans don’t have IVF coverage, a vast majority of people are looking for IVF loans and financing options.

In this overview of options for IVF financing, you’ll learn about:

What is an IVF Loan?

Pretty simple, but let’s start with the basics here. With an IVF loan, just like most other loans, a lender will give you a lump sum of money up front to help pay for the fertility treatment. The amount available for you to borrow along with the term and APR will vary by lender and usually your credit score. Like most loans, you’ll likely need a good credit score to receive a low-interest rate.

Other options, like the payment plans and CNY Fertility, offer a non-traditional solution to IVF financing, whereby the clinic itself acts as the “lender.” In this situation, the patient doesn’t receive a lump sum, as the payment plan or “loan” is only available to be used at CNY.

Who Offers IVF Financing:

There are many options when it comes to financing IVF treatments. Some of those options include clinic financing, specialized fertility financing companies, traditional personal loans through a bank or credit union, and crowdfunding.

CLINIC IVF Payment Plans

While most IVF clinics shy away from being both a lender and provider, CNY Fertility offers in-house financing or payment plans up to two-years in duration to its patients. It requires only the first month’s payment before beginning treatment (but may put as much down as they would like and finance the rest).  While CNY doesn’t charge “interest,” we do charge a small monthly administrative fee of roughly $40 per month.  Full payment can be made at any time voiding any additional monthly administrative fees.  

Fertility Treatment & IVF Financing Companies:

Some lending companies like Prosper, CapexMD, and Lending Club specialize in IVF financing.  Often, these companies partner with fertility clinics, making it possible to apply for financing directly at the fertility clinic with the funds sent directly to the clinic.

One downside to these type of IVF loans this is that interest rates often tend to be higher.  The loans also often restrict you to use a clinic within their network.


With lower interest rates than your average credit card, personal loans from either a bank or credit union can be a good option, particularly if you have an existing relationship. On the downside, lenders require good credit, and the application process and paperwork can be time-consuming.  Most online lenders fast-track the application process and can turn around an approval overnight, but loan terms vary from lender to lender and require you to read the fine print and compare rates and loan terms carefully. A lower credit score usually means a higher interest rate with online lenders. Just do your homework before you pull the trigger.


Crowdfunding has been used to pay for everything from travel expenses to attend a bachelor party to school trips, vacations, and funeral costs. And yes, even medical expenses. If you have generous friends and family and don’t mind sharing your fertility journey with them, crowdfunding services like go fund me could be a good option for at least part of your funding.  

Alternative Sources for IVF Financing


Better as a stop-gap solution for paying for a portion of your treatment, interest rates on credit cards are higher than on personal loans (unless you qualify for a 0% or a low-interest card), and spending limits tend to be less than what is needed to pay for IVF. Credit cards are worth an extra look if you don’t need a huge loan, qualify for a low or 0% interest rate, and have the cash flow to pay off your debt before the higher interest rate kicks in.

The MORE Mastercard® is one credit card worth considering. It can be used for IVF, medications, monitoring, and any other wellness expenses incurred along your family building journey like acupuncture and massage. Cardholders are able to make same-day healthcare purchases upon approval and receive a promotional APR (right now it’s 0% for 6 months) on fertility treatment expenses over $499.  Plus, cardholders earn unlimited 2% cashback on fertility treatment expenses less than $499 and unlimited 1% cashback on all non-healthcare purchases. The online application process is easy and quick, and a new 6-month promotional period applies to each qualifying transaction.


If you qualify for an HSA through your employer, this is a great way to save pre-tax dollars for your fertility care.  But since the IRS caps what you can contribute to your HSA each year, it’s best used for ancillary costs related to IVF, such as medications or monitoring. It won’t likely cover all IVF fees unless your balance reflects several years of saving.


If you own your own home and have substantial equity, it can be a good source of funds. Interest rates on home equity loans or lines of credit are generally much lower than those on credit cards. For new loans or lines of credit, there may be closing costs depending on your bank or credit union. You may also need to have your home appraised. Just be sure you understand the repayment terms and timeline, so you don’t risk losing your home.

IVF Grants

Why not get a free IVF cycle if at all possible? Amazingly, IVF Grants let you do exactly that. There are dozens of grants throughout the country. While some have specific residency or are for those of a particular demographic, many like the CNY IVF Grant are open to everyone and takes place every month.


Many fertility clinics generally offer some form of a guarantee program where you pay a lump sum for a specific number of IVF cycles, upfront. If you don’t become pregnant, you receive a full or partial refund.  While some guarantee programs can sound a little gimmicky, there is money to be saved, especially if it takes multiple rounds of IVF to become pregnant.  Nobody wants a refund, but it is a way to pursue treatment without the worry of cost versus the likelihood of success. CNY Fertility offers a 75% refund on six cycles for $20,000 (the price of a single cycle at many clinics) with our Fertile Guarantee™.

However, if you get pregnant on the first round of IVF, you will end up paying more than someone who elected to pay per cycle.    

  • IVF Financing and Loans for Bad Credit: CNY Fertility’s IVF Payment Plans

While there are certainly options out there for people to get financing for their IVF treatment with bad credit, most APRs will be in the high 20s to 30s, certainly something you want to avoid if at all possible.

Fortunately, CNY Fertility’s payment plans give everyone the ability to finance, without running a credit check. CNY’s IVF payment plans do not charge any interest percentage but do charge a small $40/month administrative fee.

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