Blessed with twin boys
Posted by: Editor on Feb 29, 2012 in News, Success Stories

We began trying to get pregnant in August 2008. I found out I was pregnant in November 2008 and miscarried the day before Thanksgiving. The holidays were especially tough that year. We tried for almost a year to get pregnant again and with no luck we went to CNY Fertility Center. After going through all the testing they found nothing wrong with either of us but we decided to give IUI a try. I remember my IUI being on the day before Halloween and finding out on Friday the 13th we were pregnant! We also found out exactly one year later (day before Thanksgiving) that we were pregnant with twins. What a difference a year makes! I know my journey wasn’t as long as others at CNY but I will always be grateful to the staff and nurses there. Especially our nurse Greta. I had always meant to write sooner but when they boys were 2 months old we found out we were moving to Holland and what a great adventure it has been with 2 little boys by our side 🙂



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