Blessed with a baby boy
Posted by: admin on Nov 11, 2015 in Success Stories

Dear CNY Staff and doctors,

Thank you so much for the most wonderful experience in our journey to be parents. I will never forget the first time walking in to CNY and feeling it was such a gorgeous relaxing place.  It did not feel like a doctor’s office.  The staff was so welcoming and was amazing answering any questions we had.  We went into the process not doing much research which looking back I put a lot of trust into CNY. There are so many options and we just took a leap of faith and went with what was suggested to us.

We were blessed with a baby boy after 1 clomid cycle, 3 failed IUI cycles.  He is our miracle and angel and we are forever thankful.

I truly think it helped getting involved in fertility yoga with Linda. This is something I looked forward to weekly , she is so calming and relaxing.  We also did acupuncture and occasionally a massage which really helped me to relax.  I decreased coffee to help with anxiety and ate super healthy ( like if I was pregnant)

CNY prices were more affordable then other offices and I thought there had to be a catch but there wasn’t. It was a wonderful experience .  Being able to ask questions and feel supported when needed though such a rocky path is the best.

I made many friends from just talking to women in the waiting room and at yoga.

Anther thing that i really truly think helped me was a book I read called “Trying to get pregnant and succeeding” by Marissa Peer.  It is a whole program that you can work on as you go though treatments.

My husband and I are forever thankful for CNY Fertility- the nurses, doctors, and staff was amazing.

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