Benefits of Fertility Massage

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The fertility process can become an extremely challenging time for everyone involved, and one of the primary factors is often high-stress levels. If you’re undergoing infertility treatments, you may balk at the notion of spending money on anything that does not directly involve eggs and sperm but give yourself permission to get an occasional massage. The relaxation will serve your body, mind, and spirit well.

Fertility Massage Support

Fertility massage is designed to decrease stress and increase the blood flow to the reproductive system. It is part of both our recommendations for improving both male and female fertility – whether trying naturally or going through a number of treatments including IUI, IVF, IVF with ICSI, INVOcell, Egg Freezing, or others. The massage is a combination of cranial decompressions, deep abdominal massage, cleansing of toxins, and foot reflexology.  At CNY Healing Arts, we also focus on the structural alignment of your body and pelvic area. The techniques used help with the reduction of adhesions and increase blood circulation and the movement of cerebral spinal fluid.

Another way to think of proper posture of the pelvic area, imagine you are dragging your garden hose across the yard to water your garden, the hose becomes kinked the strong current of water is reduced if you leave the kink the water supply is limited, the garden will not receive enough liquid to grow. Now imagine your left hip is higher than your right, what is happening to your internal organs “compression” limited blood supply and the start of adhesions and dysfunction.

Complimenting Medical Treatments

Fertility massage is not intended to replace medical procedures, however, it can be done on its own or to compliment medical fertility treatments.