Becoming an Egg Donor: Stimulating!


Diane (not her real name) has embarked on the journey of becoming an egg donor at CNY Fertility Center and will share her thoughts during the process in her blog here. If Diane’s journey and stories that she shares compels you to look in to becoming an egg donor we would love to get you started. The first step is to fill out our Donor Eligibility Questionnaire – click here to begin.
Since my last appointment I have started taking the Follicle Stimulating Hormones.  I am currently on Day 3 and had another appointment today.  Let me first tell you about taking the FSHs.
The nurse explained how to give myself an injection at my last appointment.  I don’t think of myself as a squeamish person so I thought this would be no problem.   But I have to admit, giving myself that first injection was more challenging (mentally!) than I had anticipated.  When a nurse gives you a shot, they chat with you, and usually I look away so I don’t see what she’s doing.   They can distract you and it’s usually over before you even realize they’ve done it.  It’s impossible, I quickly realized, to distract yourself when you are the one giving the injection, to yourself.  The anticipation was worse than anything.  I had to psyche myself up way more than I thought.  After a deep breath and a big ONE, TWO, THREE! I realized the injection itself was painless.  As I said, the mental anguish and anticipation was way worse than the actual shot.  I felt sort of foolish afterwards for making such a big deal out of, what turned out to be, nothing!  The area of the injection (right around my belly button) was just a tad tender for a few minutes afterwards, but as of yet I am not experiencing any side effects.  So, now that I’m on Day 3, I fancy myself the injection expert and no longer torture myself with anticipation beforehand.
I felt quite proud of that as I walked into my check up today.  The nurse drew blood again.  But just one vial today instead of 4, which was what they drew the previous two visits.  She told me that depending on the results of the blood test today they may increase or decrease the dosage of FSH that I’m currently taking.  Then the second nurse came in to do the ultra sound.  The ultra sound showed that there were indeed follicles and she said they looked good.  Then we set up appointments for two days out, four days out, and seven days out.
The nurse did end up calling me a couple of hours later to tell me that we did need to increase the dosage of FSH by 75 units.  Although the follicles did look good my estrogen levels were still a bit low.  I would take the new increased dosage and see how things looked at my next check up in two days.
This entire experience is so educational.  I feel as if I’m taking an advanced biology course; learning about estrogen levels, follicles, injections, dosages of hormones, etc. and all within my own body!  Each day is a new fun experience and I eagerly await each new part of becoming an egg donor!