Awakening with Love


Hello and Good Morning.  This is Dr. Rob Kiltz on another awesome and amazing day.  How are you doing today?
It’s cool, snowy and beautiful.  The love of life and God is always flowing within.  There’s nothing good or bad about life.  It is life.  Life is a learning and loving energy.  The gift is life itself and nothing else is meant to be.  We’re born wherever and however, in the way we are meant to be born. Then we live our lives wherever, however, and “perfect-ever.”  This is the journey of God’s love.
Our path is God’s path, his choice for us.  Rejoice!  Rejoice in His path, this and every day.  You need not believe in God or a higher power or in the God of Abraham and whatever, whoever god you do or don’t think exists.  But in the human mind (your mind and my mind) is the creative nature of God. Sight, sound, taste, smell, touch, feelings, and emotions are all constructed in the mind.  This is the joy journey of life.  Sadness is only a momentary experience for us to be rattled a little bit in order to see the true joy of it all.  The human body is but a moment, whereas God’s love is eternal.  God’s life is eternal.  The energy of all of us is eternal.
In this day and every day, there is the breath and smile of life and love.  My mother Maria has lived a very long and fruitful human experience, and yet we know the human experience is eternal in the mind of God.  The joy in her life and the creation of which she has been a part, as all is meant to be, each and every day.
This is Dr. Rob sharing a few thoughts of today – another awesome and amazing day in the universe that God has created for all of us.  My blessings to you this day.

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