Test your Sperm in the Comfort of your Phone

If she’s getting checked, so should you.

Male infertility is often overlooked even though it’s the source of the problem in 30-50% of the cases when a couple can’t get pregnant. Many men are embarrassed to have their sperm tested at a clinic, so now it’s easy to start you fertility with the YO Home Sperm Test.

YO, an FDA-approved test kit, has a mini microscope that easily slides on your smartphone and, with the free YO Sperm app, you can now test your moving sperm by simply following the step by step instructions. Unlike other home tests that only check the number of sperm (dead and alive), YO checks the number of moving sperm which is very important for us to know in order to build the right fertility plan for you. YO also records a video of your sperm that you can show to the doctor.

YO Sperm Test is available for a variety of phones and can be ordered discreetly online here.


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The YO Sperm Test was developed by Medical Electronic Systems which produces Sperm Quality Analyzers for hospital labs, universities and IVF centers around the world. With over 20 years of experience in the field of male fertility, MES offers a product that gives you cutting-edge medical technology in the comfort of your phone.
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