April's Journey to Fertility: You are Not the Only One


April is a CNY Fertility Center patient and has been on her journey to fertility for approximately two and a half years. April will share candid stories and a unique perspective on the fertility challenges many women and couples face. CNY Fertility Center has locations in Syracuse, Albany and Rochester, NY.
Week 45: You are not the only one
As I sit here struggling to type because there is a tingling sensation on the left side of my body, I know am not the only one having an MS flair up right now. But coming off of last month’s horribly disappointing egg retrieval, it is no wonder my body is perhaps having a temper tantrum of its own right now.
In times like these, when it’s pouring rain, it is important for us to reevaluate how we handle our health and our stress. Sitting in the neurologists office yesterday, I  not only had to have a clearer understanding of what was happening with my body but of what my treatment  choices were so that I could get this flair under control. I also had to let go of some of those crazy little fears that creep into my head, both around having a baby and around treating a chronic illness.
As I was talking to my husband on the phone, he reminded me that I am not the only one with MS or struggling with infertility. He’s right. I was picking up my prescriptions at the pharmacists and she said “I bet your ready to go home. I saw you hear yesterday, too.” I gave her a bit of my story about having MS and being in the middle of a flair I was trying to get under control. She told me she too, has MS, and that we just have to keep fighting it. Clearly, I wasn’t the only one.

While picking up prescriptions, I also ran into my former neighbors. They used fertility treatment for their first two babies and now have a surprise baby on the way. I talked to her about my currently miserable state of affairs and was again reminded, I’m not the only one.
Ladies, I know we struggle and that infertility and/or the chronic illnesses we have are downright awful.  But we are not alone! Find your infertility friend and plan some great stress relieving events. I plan to hit acupuncture this morning, Qi Gong class on Thursday (which is free at Rochester CNY this month) and we’ll see what the weekend brings me, a pedicure perhaps.
I wish you each a blessed, stress reducing week!
In sisterhood,
April all Year

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2 replies
  1. Casey Donovan
    Casey Donovan says:

    April… your not alone!I sat here reading your story this morning feeling like I was reading my own.I was diagnosed 2 years ago with MS it seemed to fall on me right in the middle of my own fertility journey.I suffer from unexplained RPL,I seem to have no problem getting pregnant but it never seems to hold past 5 or 6 wks.After each loss I seem to have a flareup I’m not sure if it is the stress or maybe the hormones that do it.We’ll it is nice to know I’m not alone.

  2. April Marques
    April Marques says:

    HI Casey,
    I am so sorry, I missed your post and would love to get into contact with you. I am going to ask our web coordinator to give me your e-mail address. I would LOVE to get into contact with someone my age who has MS and is also trying to get pregnant. Everyone I know who has MS seems to be out of our age group.
    Thanks so much for commenting!!

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