April’s Journey to Fertility: Week Twenty Seven
Posted by: April on Dec 02, 2009 in News

Fertility SymbolApril is a CNY Fertility Center patient and has been on her journey to fertility for approximately two and a half years. April will share candid stories and a unique perspective on the fertility challenges many women and couples face.

Week 27: The truth is…

I love your comments and am so thankful to each of you for reading my articles and inspiring me to continue writing and to continue to do whatever it takes for my husband and me to build our family! Your caring comments, aside from being encouraging, also consistently remind me of two important lessons.

Lesson #1: Many other couples have gone through or are undergoing fertility treatments. In fact, I remember when I was at the mall, about a year ago, with a friend. We both simultaneously saw a woman walk in with a little boy and a baby in a stroller. My friend told me to just look away, which of course I can never do when I see a baby anywhere! Surprisingly though, I recognized the mother. Not only had we been neighbors, but I was now using the fertility acupuncturist she used when she and her husband were trying for their second – the baby in the stroller. I was immediately reminded that I am not the only one who has had to undergo fertility treatments and that many of the babies I see all over the place – well, they may not have come as easily as I think because so many other couples have had to go through fertility treatments themselves. By the way, the baby in the stroller was a result of three in vitro attempts. This couple kept trying and the mother always encourages me by telling me it is going to happen for me when it is meant to happen.

This experience brings me to Lesson #2: everyone wants me to be happy. And everyone wants you to be happy, too. For example, I often feel guilty when I have to miss work for doctor appointments, but not because anyone makes me feel that way. Whoever covers for me is always encouraging and tells me to take as much time as I need. My co-workers often remind me that taking care of myself is more important than work. I also have supportive friends. In fact, I have two friends who get about as angry and upset as I do when I tell them I have just begun another cycle. Both sides of our family show their support as well.

I wonder how often we each remember that there are others who are facing or have faced the same family building challenges. I also wonder how often we remember who the supportive people in our lives are and how often we lean on them for some inspiration or motivation.

My intention for you as we head into the midst of a busy and often times child-centered holiday season is to remember that you are not the only one going through fertility treatments and that there are so many people cheering for you to achieve your dream!

Encouraging Blessings to You!
April all Year



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3 responses to “April’s Journey to Fertility: Week Twenty Seven”

  1. Elaine says:

    Thanks you April, this week truly was a help to me. Recently I’ve been trying to come out of the “I hate all pregnant women stage” I don’t really hate them but to see one tends to make me sad sometimes. But then I think about to your week where you helped plan the baby shower and embraced the situation and I do just that. However I found this very easy until just recently when my sister in-law announced her news of her second child with out having to even “try” and there was that “lump” in my throat and I swear I was going to choke! Lucky I didn’t I swallowed it took a minute to compose my self and my feeling and then said “Congrats”. Right now I am in the middle of my 2WW for my 8th IUI I will find out on Dec. 9th and can’t wait because it could be my time to and I think I finally realize that the world can’t stop revolving and people can’t stop having babies because I have infertility and it shouldn’t have to. So until it’s my turn I will be the best Aunt I can be and embrace each moment. I also wanted to say it made me smile to read about your two friends I have two good friends who stand by me through this process and yes they cry and get angry with me when I start a new cycle and I couldn’t have gotten through some days with out them. Unfortunately for me I don’t openly share my journey with my family, in the beginning I did but then when they didn’t know what to say they said things that sometimes were hurtful and maybe it was the hormones maybe it wasn’t but unfortunately my family isn’t very understanding or supportive but my partner is and my close friends who have joined us on our journey are amazing and your articles always help. I look forward to your next one, Happy Holidays and good luck to you on your journey!

  2. Sue says:

    April, who is the acupuncturist you and your past neighbor used.?

  3. April all Year says:

    Hi Sue – Heather Smith is the acupuncturist who we have both used. She works out of the Rochester office.

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